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April 22, 2010 by yachtlover
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Formula Zero is a 43m Solar Hybrid Superyacht that is faster, more spacious, more ergonomic and far greener than any of the competition.

Her catamaran configuration supports 800+ square meters of light concentrating Wingsails that raise the efficiency of the largest Solar Cell Array ever deployed on a luxury super yacht of her stature.

Formula Zero’s state of the art Wingsails half as tall as sails found in comparable monohulls, induce far less drag whilst generating twice as much thrust.

Catamaran wave piercing hi-speed hulls along with Formula Zero‘s self leveling sea keeping hydro & aerodynamic advances, enables her to out run any vessel in her class in unparalleled comfort.
Cruising at 12kts a 75 to 100% reduction in GHG emissions is achieved by employing multiple diesel electric drives supported by fully rotational wingsails, power sailing wave motion regeneration, a 400 square meter solar cell array and UPS backup.
All combined, cruising at an average speed of 8kts Formula Zero’s regenerative charge and lithium storage systems allow for a virtually unlimited zero carbon cruising range.

Richard Sauter head of design commented; “To evaluate Formula Zero as a Carbon Offset Project, we compare a 43 metre catamaran to a 54 metre monohull which is similar in terms of performance, space and accommodations. While both vessels are evenly matched, when cruising for 24 hours, Formula Zero consumes 4,000 litres less fuel, which amounts to a 10 ton per day reduction in CO2 emissions. 10 tons is the amount of CO2 that the average European emits in one year.

The yachting industries existing Carbon Neutral approach has merit, but as many have pointed out, doesn’t directly address the enormous carbon footprint that superyachts leave behind. The practice of purchasing Carbon Offset Credits for Projects in developing countries does not reduce GHG emissions in superyachts. If anything, it is keeping GHG emissions in all yachts at the same level or actually allowing their levels to rise when we factor in their increasing numbers.

What’s needed, whether “Certified” or not, are high profile examples of superyachts that equal or even outperform their counterparts while meeting the IMO’s target of a 75% reduction in GHG emissions”.

Formula Zero as the archetype of future superyachts answers that need, even so, she is designed in accordance with the world’s leading shipbuilders who maintain that Solar Hybrid Superyacht can be built at present employing readily available technology.

The Jongert Shipyard has expressed great interest in developing a Green Label Superyacht in collaboration with Richard Sauter who stated “Jongert represents the pinnacle of excellence in the yachting world. There is no shipbuilder more qualified to produce the Superyacht of the future.”


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