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News: £1 Million Refit for Superyacht Senses

June 11, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Superyacht Senses is a 59m craft which recently was through with its refit work worth £1 million. The company involved in the renovation of this superyacht was Testbank Ship Repair. This is a Southampton-based ship refit and repair yard.

Jason Coltman, the Managing Director of Testbank stated that Senses was the biggest project ever undertaken by the company in Portsmouth. The skipper and the owners’ representative were amazed by the yard and the Testbank team who managed to do an excellent work.

Super yacht Senses is a large vessel which can accommodate a 40ft yacht inside with inflatable launch and two helipads. The yacht is worth £44 million and consumed almost three months to complete the refit work. Mainly, the renovation work was conducted at the Testbank Ship Repair facility in Portsmouth Harbour. The company made use of the company’s 1,000 tonne Rolls Royce syncrolift which is claimed to be one of the biggest of its kind in the south of England. However, the final tests of the yachts were completed at the Southampton Docks.

Before replacing all fittings and undertaking a range of protective measures alongside repairs to caulking and teak deck boards, the shipyard enclosed the superstructure, aft deck and boat house. They sanded down, refilled and repainted all of its areas while renewing its black water tank. There were 30 people involved in this large project to provide their services under the supervision of Technical Director Brian Needle and Works Manager Steve Beck.

After the company spent five years in decommissioning, this has been a project that kept them busy for almost a year since their facility opened on the Portchester waterside. Records state that they have already revamped thirty five vessels till date. The first project was the Serco Denholm cargo ship Teesdale in June 2009 which led to a sound establishment of the Testbank facility for offering services of refitting and repairing superyachts, pilot boats, tugs, commercial ferries and naval vessels.

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