News: 10 Economical Gulet Rentals during Peak Season in Turkey

March 31, 2012 by sailingcharterturkey
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Economical gulet rentals during the peak months of July and August can be booked quite easily. Gulets are known to be a luxury yacht charter holiday, and yet they can be affordable. If you aren’t seeking VIP accommodation and jacuzzis on deck – just comfortable places to sleep, relax and explore during a Mediterranean boat cruise holiday, then the following gulets for rent, may bode well for your gulet cruise holidays in Turkey and Greece.

Gulet Sadri Usta. She is a lovely gulet 30 meters in length and accommodates up to 18 guests. This gulet offers a high season price of 1,650€ per day which works out to 92€/person per day during the months of July and August. Sadri Usta is a very well-known gulet by name, by all the best boat-builders all along the Mediterranean Coastline between Alanya and Bodrum.

Gulet Aegean Clipper. This Turkish Gulet was built in 1999 and refitted in 2011. She offers 12 cabins for 24 guests. Guests can charter this charming gulet for 3,000€ per day during July and August, which equates to 125€/person per day. Gulet Aegean Clipper is a highly recommended gulet for groups and families to charter along the Turkish coast and Greek Islands.

Anil Kaptan Gulet. A traditional gulet built in 2006 and later refitted in 2011. This gulet can be rented for 1,550€ per day which calculates to only 97€/ day per person. The Anil Kaptan has a spacious sun deck area with sun mattresses, cushioned aft deck with a large table, deck chairs, spacious saloon with bar and dining table. The crew speaks English.

Gulet Gokce 1. Charter a gulet for 1,500€ per day or 107€/day per person. The gulet Gokce 1 can accommodate14 passengers totalling 7 cabins; 1 master and 4 double. She has 7 luxury and spacious cabins 1 master vip and 4 double + 2 twin cabins all with private lavatory with ensuite shower cabins. According to its crew the Gulet has a very attractive price, while the cruise will surpass all your expectations.

Gulet B & B. The high season price may seem high at first glance but when you divide it into 32 passengers you will see that a daily price of 103€ per person is quite reasonable. This large luxury gulet is great for larger groups. She is 42 meters in length and offers a variety of water toys.

Ece Sultan Gulet. Ideal gulet for charter in Turkey at a low price of 1,450€/ day during the months of July and August. The daily price per person works out to 104€. She can accommodate 14 guests with her 7 cabins and comes with a crew of 4. This Turkish gulet for charter was last refitted in 2011 and offers a variety of waters toys and entertainment.

Ugurum Gulet. Charming gulet for charter along the coast of Turkey, she is 33 meters in length and provides a total of 8 cabins, 6 of which are double and 2 twin. Cabins come with air conditioners and private bathrooms with shower cabins. Water toys include fishing gear, snorkelling, and windsurf. Rental price is 109€ per person / day.

Gulet Arif Kaptan C. This lovely gulet is 29 meters in length. She has 8 cabins that sleep 16 guests. Her daily rental price is 1,750€/day, where each guest price works out to 109€. All cabins on board offer private bathrooms and air conditioning. There are water toys available and a variety of entertainment devices.

Gulet Gokce 3. This Turkish gulet is another gulet that is budget friendly for guests. She is 109€/ day per person during the peak months of July and August. The Gokce 3 gulet is a 30 meter luxury wooden gulet boat with two steel masts with full sails. She was built in 2005 and refitted 2011.

Gulet Efsane Yigit. A 30 meter classic gulet built in 2006 and refitted recently in 2012. This gulet is ideal for friends and families, or for groups who may wish to hire a gulet for a private yacht charter. The cook pampers you during the whole voyage with specialties and samples of delicious Turkish cuisine. She can be rented for 1,750€/day, equivalent to 109€ per person / day.

If you would like more information on budget friendly gulet charters, contact us today!

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