Product: 11m Tender Limousine by NZ Co Vaudrey Miller – For Superyacht A

March 18, 2010 by john
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The 11m Limousine custom yacht tender by New Zealand Company Vaudrey Miller is a personalised owner transport built for the remarkable superyacht ‘A’. Styled by Philippe Starck, with naval architecture by Patrick Banfield, the ‘Limo’ is so unique it demands attention.

It reflects the artistry of the mothership and satisfies demanding operational and lifestyle specifications.

It’s sumptuous interior has 1.9 metres standing headroom and a state-of-the-art entertainment system. Air-conditioning, 240V AC, refrigeration, fresh water and black water systems are integrated on board.

Detailing is completed to an exceptionally high standard throughout. The varnished teak and holly deck appears to be crafted in a traditional manner, however, an unseen non-slip texture is incorporated in the holly inlay.

All major hatches are remotely activated and hydraulically powered, as is the recessed mast carrying the navigation lights.

Vaudrey Miller, located in Auckland, New Zealand, specialise in crafting superyacht tenders.

Warren Vaudrey and Simon Miller have built a solid international reputation and enjoyed repeat business from high-profile clients throughout the world.

Vaudrey Miller is expert in constructing lightweight epoxy composite structures; carbon fibre is utilised on a daily basis and resin infusion is used when appropriate.

To ensure designers’ and stylists’ intentions are communicated clearly and concisely to the shop floor, Vaudrey Miller employs experienced project mangers to coordinate each contract, and a qualified naval architect to head the design office. It also maintains an engineering machine shop on site.

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