News: 164´ Motor Yacht by JFA Yachts and Bill Dixon Design

December 21, 2011 by black
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A major effort was made to develop a yacht with low consummation and high autonomy. Aluminum was chosen for the construction because of its light weight and low maintenance.

The interior design will also be modern. The model should be unveiled to the press in the coming months.

Naval Architect, Bill Dixon, said: “The new 164´ superyacht design for JFA shipyard represents Dixon Yacht Design’s vision for a modern exploration
vessel. With the design teams experience also in large sailing Superyachts, one can see the influence that this has brought to the design with its emphasis
on a long waterline length and aluminium construction to reduce displacement resulting in a lower resistance hull form resulting in an increased range for a given speed.”

“With the emphasis on the efficiencies of a long waterline, the hull and superstructure volumes have been optimised to keep the resulting design
under the 500 GT. The resulting superstructure is less dominant than typical sub 500GT designs, which should result in a more comfort and stability. The interior plan and deck layout will emphasise a design with exploring and cruising at its

Technical Specifications of the 164´ Explorer Motor Yacht

Lenght: 50,00m
Beam: 9,00m
Material: Aluminium

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