News: 30m Mahalo scale model

March 8, 2019 by Brian
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The newest from our shop…the 30m Mulder built / Guido de Groot designed “Mahalo”. Two models, one at 1:40 (75cm long) for owner and the smaller 1:60 (50cm long) for the brokers office. The models are virtually identical but just different size/scale and ever so slight level of detail. They were built without proper drawing package due to protection of design, but am able to do this as I am not just a 3d printing service! The somewhat self created design was done in CAD and from that hull frames, cabinsides, wood decking and many other components were cnc laser cut. The models are spray painted (never brushed) with high gloss automotive urethane enamel, counter tops are painted in a speckled stone and tables and caprails in a wood finish, then clear coated. Both models are detailed with detailed upper helm, anchors & anchor handling equipment, bollards, capstans, jet skis, radars, antennas, bimini skylights, and of course bars with sinks and faucets! Both models are mounted to mirror topped bases and come fitted with clear acrylic cases. Models have been successfully shipped to Melbourne, Australia and Newcastle, UK. Here’s a link to real yacht…
So, what can we build for you?

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