4 H

May 7, 2009 by turtle
4 H
Builder: sanlorenzo
Designer: sanlorenzo
Engine: 2 MTU 12V 4000 M90
Material: aluminium
LOA: 38.5 m (126.3')
Cruise Speed: knots
Guests: 10
Guests (when cruising): 12
Cabins: 5
Crew: 6
Country Built: Italy
Naval Architect: sanlorenzo
Yacht Class: Motor
Operating Locations: MEDITERRANEAN

This is luxury motor yacht 4H, a SanLorenzo 40m charter yacht built in 2008. She has a very modern design which incorporates the use of side decks and very intelligent indoor / outdoor flow. Yacht 4H may be chartered for luxury yacht charter vacations in the Mediterranean through your favorite charter broker.

Length: 38.5 Meters 126.3 Feet
Beam: 7.6 Meters 24.9 Feet
Draft: 2.85 Meters 9.4 Feet
Number of crew: 6
Built: 2008
Builder: San Lorenzo

Engines: 2 MTU 12V 4000 M90
2775 hp each @2100 rpm
2 55 kW Kohler Generators
30 kW Vosper Bow Thruster

Cruising speed: 22
Fuel Consumption: 900 Litres/Hr

Naval architect: San Lorenzo
Flag: Isle of Man
Hull construction: Aluminum
Hull configuration: Semi displacement
WiFi capable

Number of cabins: 5
Cabin configuration: 3 Double, 2 Twin
Number of guests: 10

Tenders + toys: Novurania 5.30 with 130 hp inboard diesel engine, screw
Waverunner Yamaha VX 110 Cruiser 110 hp for 3 persons
2 Sea-doo underwater scooter
waterski, wakeboard, donut
Gym equipment: Power Plate and Multipurpose Technogym

The outer design of motor yacht 4H, the San Lorenzo 40, does not go unnoticed. Her dark metallic grey colour, grants it an intriguing appearance. Its sharp lines tell us about its high performance. Two are the main aspects that stand out on the outside.

Firstly the four folding platforms that creates four exclusive lateral terraces on the main deck, two on the living area and two on the owner’s cabin, lowering large bulkheads on the sides. Next we find the lateral doors of the upper deck that open up in the shape of a seagull wing to be able to go out to the lateral walkways. But that is not everything.

On the main deck of motor yacht 4H, the lateral walkways forward have been suppressed, to give more amplitude and privacy to the owner’s cabin that can thus occupy the full beam of the yacht. Consequently, the walkways go up to the upper deck to be able to go to the bow maneuver area, only protected by stanchions and cable hand rails, that look more like the guard ropes on a regattas sailing yacht. Tradition dictates.

In order to sharpen the lines of the charter yacht and to reduce its balance to the maximum, aiming to provide the required inner comfort, the final height of the yacht has been reduced as much as possible, to the point that there is only a unique steering position, an upper one, eliminating the conventional open fly bridge to create a large sky lounge that reunites the steering position and the living area, but that opens astern with an ample outdoors living area.

The ample cockpit of the yacht allows forming a cozy outdoors living area. But it is right here where the conventional aspects finish, because as a previous way to the interior the superstructure houses a mixed area, with a set of double doors, in such a way that it allows its use as part of the cockpit or as part of the interior, and therefore it has service cabinets. Nothing prevents from opening both sets of doors and to have the interior and the exterior as a unique space.

It is immediately noticeable that in the motor yacht 4H living area there is no dinning room, but this generous space is destined for conversation and relaxation, without furniture fragmenting the inner space and with incomparable views towards the outside thanks to sliding doors that open up over the lateral walkways exactly in front of the folding platforms previously mentioned, in such a way that the views over the sea open up from the floor up to the ceiling.

The minimalist decoration of motor yacht 4H has been the subject of a careful selection of furniture on behalf of the owner and Paszkowski himself, as well as of a conscientious study of the artificial illumination, based in the use of light lines in the ceilings and the use of the indirect illumination around the furniture, to give the sensation that some pieces of furniture are suspended.

The walnut wood predominates throughout the boat, with two finishes, a clearer one for the floor and a more classic one for the furniture and the bulkheads, combined with lacquered subjects and leather. By express desire of the owner this decoration extends throughout the boat, including the guests’ and the crew cabins.

Sliding doors suspended from the ceiling allow to go forward towards the bow, where there are the communication stairs with the other decks and, on the starboard side, a courtesy bathroom. On this unit it is possible to access the owner’s suite, that occupies the whole bow of the main deck, from both sides, but other distributions are also possible, reducing the importance of the suite and locating the main galley here.

In this case the owner’s bed is oriented directly towards starboard, precisely towards the terrace, in such a way that from the bed the full amplitude of the sea can be contemplated. If, on the contrary we walk forward on the port side we will first find a studio with a 2,6 meters length writing desk with capacity for two people and, from here, to a gym, a room that has the opening terrace on the port side. But the set of openings does not finish here.

The bathroom on the bow of motor yacht 4H is arranged at full beam, with two separated washbasins, one on each side, a central shower in front, on whose sides two separated cabinets with individual toilets and bidets have been foreseen; in addition to a whirlpool bathtub from which a sliding window allows to talk with whomever might be in the gym or to have direct views to the sea. The lateral terraces can be opened completely or just partially, just like a conventional window. The indirect illumination system is also applied in the showers, producing extraordinary y sensations.

The stairs that descend to the lower deck, where the four guest cabins and the crew area are located, deserve a remark, because they are made in stainless steel with the steps covered in leather and the hand rail is a double glass that separates the stairs from a lobby, providing a sensation of great lightness.

A central corridor links all the cabins, each one of them with its individual bathroom, all of them equipped with washbasin, shower, toilet and bidet. The VIP cabin is forward, with a double bed oriented to starboard, two of the guest cabins equip two individual beds and the third one a double bed by the side. But it is necessary to pay attention that from this corridor there is access to a room destined to be used as the laundry and, from here, to the service area, with the galley, the freezes, the crew living area and the crew cabins.

This means that the crew can cater immediately for the guests requests at any time. The upper deck welcomes the steering position, the sky lounge sheltered inside of the superstructure and an outdoors aft deck, destined as a living area and dinning room, under the protection of a folding awning that is hidden in the aft part of this poop deck.

The superyacht’s steering position stands out for the reduced number of controls, replaced by touch screens and conventional ones, as well as for the addition of a joystick as a rudder on the right armrest of the Captain’s chair. From there you can go out to the lateral walkways through the characteristic vertical opening doors, with seagull wing shape. For the maneuvers the Captain can steer the boat from the outside with a remote control that can be connected in different places.

Behind the steering position there is the sky lounge, a living area that allows to enjoy navigation being with the Captain and to have the magnificent views that the greater height provides. From here you can go out to the aft deck, equipped with the only real dining room table on board of the yacht, several service pieces of furniture and two L shaped sofas facing astern, where two tables have been foreseen to have an appetiser or also to eat.

The Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy has installed two 2.775 Hp MTU engines (2.040 Kw) that propel it to a maximum speed of 28 knots and a cruising speed of 25, a point in which the shipyard set the range at around 800 miles, which is an excellent combination of performance and range, due to the 30.000 litres of capacity of its fuel tanks.

For further information on this stunning yacht, please have a look at the following magazines:

Boat International, Dec / 2007
Showboats Int., March/2008
Yachts International, March/2008
The Best, No 22

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