News: 42m Heesen superyacht LIFE SAGA with refit interior design by Stefano Pastrovich

January 20, 2014 by black
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The use of ambient lighting throughout the interior of superyacht Life Saga allows each space to take on a different personality depending on what the area is being used for or how the guests are feeling. This allows the owner to have ultimate control over his environment.

While living on board as a guest of the owner for a couple of days during the summer, Stefano Pastrovich realised that he didn’t use the interior dining room. This is why Stefano thought to make this space more fun by making it possible to transform into a TV room, acoustically insulated by the Japanese door as previously described.

The round table can be lowered to become a large sofa with an extra pillow on top. Stefano Pastrovich also gave the option to rotate the entire furniture, sofa and table, so the owner could decide to dine facing aft or forwards depending on his mood.

The possibility to destroy and rebuild always makes it easier to alter the appearance of an interior. Unfortunately due to the owners restrictions Stefano Pastrovich was asked to limit the changes to the skylounge as much as possible. So he decided to change strategy and while pushed by the client to find something very cool with the Pastrovich “Wow” effect, he started to create a very elaborate mix of fabrics, photos, marble, loose furniture and lighting effects.

The importance to design a proper wheelhouse comes from the great passion that Stefano has for aeroplanes and gliders. Wheelhouses should be designed as a place for pilots, not a place for drinking champagne. The wheelhouse is also the coolest place onboard, therefore the space has been given the look of a spaceship command center with carbon fiber console and LED lighting.

Similar to the Jaguar Lounge Stefano Pastrovich was unable to destroy the entire master cabin and start again. However, by changing just a few key colours and materials an amazing transformation was possible. The ambiance of the room is now much more fresh and the feeling of space has increased tenfold.

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