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December 20, 2011 by lucy
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The size of the stern volumes of the 45m luxury yacht Wider 150 are exclusive for a yacht of this size and contribute greatly to the pleasure of living in close contact with the sea that this model offers.

Each and every detail of the Wider 150 yacht has been studied so those aboard feel they are really in touch with the great outdoors: the large glazed surfaces which open out onto every deck make the interiors light and airy; the position of the master suite on the upper deck means the owner can enjoy a beautiful private terrace as well as privileged access to the flying bridge; lastly, the sundeck, accessed by means of a convenient internal stairway, offers a panoramic, highly reserved area.

Technical data of the 45m super yacht Wider 150

Diesel engines motorization: 2 x 600 kW diesel
Electric motors motorization: 2 x 450 kW electric
Maximum speed at 1/3 loaded displacement: 20 knots diesel/electric+diesel
Maximum speed (diesel/electric): 16 knots diesel/electric
Cruising speed (diesel/electric): 13 knots diesel/electric
Ecological speed (diesel/electric): 11 knots diesel/electric
Maximum speed (electric_battery pack 600 kW): 8 knots electric
Maximum speed at 1/3* loaded displacement: 1150 nm diesel/electric+diesel
Maximum speed (diesel/electric): 2300 nm diesel/electric
Cruising speed (diesel/electric): 4250 nm diesel/electric
Ecological speed (diesel/electric): 7100 nm diesel/electric
Battery pack 600 kW: 50 nm 600 kW battery pack
Loa = overall length (standard ISO 8666): 45,122 m. 148 ft. 0 in.
Lg = waterline length, boat fully laden: 43,659 m. 143 ft. 3 in.
Bh = Max. beam: 7,56 m. 24 ft. 10 in.
Depth (boat fully laden): 1,45 m. 4 ft. 9 in.
Displacement unladen: 195,0 ton./lb. 429901
Displacement laden: 245,0 ton./lb. 540133
Max. number of people on board: 20
Classification: American Bureau of Shipping
Hull type: semidisplacement, bulbous bow
H = Overall height from keel to superstructure: 9 m. 29 ft. 6 in.
Fuel tanks capacity: 35000 lt./US gals. 9246
Water tank capacity: 10000 lt./US gals. 2642
Building process: Infusion
Materials: Glass, carbon, hybrid glass/carbon core PVC closed cell vinilester resin_infusion (hull)
bottom: single skin laminate, structural tanks
sides & deck: sandwich
Bottom: single skin laminate, structural tankssides & deck: sandwich
The performance is estimated at the following conditions and refer to the standard version: 235,0 ton./lb. 518086

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