News: 52m historical yacht Ambriabella restored by Quaiat Yard to attend Monaco Yacht Show

July 13, 2012 by lucy
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After a remarkable season full of excitement and great history, luxury yacht Ambriabella, at the dawn of the new millennium, disappeared from any route. It took nine long 9 years of passionate research to find her in Greece, 40 km from Piraeus, and bring her back home in Trieste, to give her new life and new lusters.

The ambitious project involves a group of Italian entrepreneurs operating in the industry – who deal with mechanical repair works, restoration of historical objects, naval design and consulting – and includes the total conversion of the vessel in a luxury mega yacht to bring Ambriabella yacht back to her former glory, with her one-of-a-kind, exceptionally elegant early-1960s outline, but giving her a contemporary twist.

The new superyacht Ambriabella will accommodate up to 12 guests, in six large suites, and 9 crew members. The materials, the design and every single detail of the restoration project reflect the best contemporary Made-in-Italy style and the highest standards of excellence. A focus has also been reserved at the propulsion system, offering three alternative propulsion types: traditional, diesel electric and hybrid.

The complex re-fitting and setting up of the 52m Ambriabella yacht will be carried out by Quaiat Yard in Trieste, with the support of a team of renowned architects and designers, allowing the complete re-building of the vessel within two years.

The fusion of the hull classical lines and the innovative modern interior design makes this project really unique in its kind, arousing great interest among potential owners looking for a beautiful historical ship to restore, having the chance to give her their personal touch and write her new history in the first person.

Quaiat Yard Stand at MYS 2012: QUAI DE L’HIRONDELLE – STAND NO. QN28

QUAIAT YARD operates since 1991 in construction and repair of naval and industrial mechanics and is particularly specialized in diesel engines. The company’s growth throughout the years gave the opportunity to work constantly as general contractor in important maintenance works on minor and major ships. Most of the business consists in Yacht Service, Yacht Shipyard e Yacht Refitting.

The list of the yard’s latest references: the 62m motor yacht Altair III, the 32m luxury yacht Andrea, the 50m superyacht Anedigmi, the 70m megayacht Azteca, the 50m sailing yacht Eleonora E (ex Eleonora), the 98m megayacht Eos, the 115m Luna, the 49m charter yacht Mariu, the 36m Meltemi, the 42m charter yacht Mirabella III, the 37m charter yacht Nashira, the 36m No Comment, the 54m Sequel P, the 71m megayacht Skat, the 60m Tucanuyaso, the 92m Tatoosh, the 28m Toy and the 24m charter yacht Volterra.

Quaiat Yard is part of the Trieste yachting association (Polo Nautico) and is located inside a 3,000 sq. m. structure, where the various companies operate including carpentry, sails making, electronics, mechanics, furniture and components. The Polo Nautico outside area of 8,000 sq.m. allows the opportunity to accept the commitment of big works. The quay just in front of it measures 400m and the water depth is 8,00 meters average so that big ships and yachts may stop for assistance, maintenance or repair. Also smaller boats may be moored on the floating pontoons nearby.

The yard’s sales department commercializes spare parts, components, engines, custom tools and equipment. Quaiat is Authorized Assistance Centre of the best marine engine and component producers on the market such as MTU Gmbh; Mitsubishi ltd, VOLVO PENTA S.A., FPT, VM MOTORS S.p.A., ISOTTA FRASCHINI S.p.A., CASTOLDI S.p.A, BAUDOUIN MOTEURS S.A., NORTHERN LINES, TWIN DISK and TECHNODRIVE.

The yard’s workshop is well equipped to design and produce installations, fittings and equipment for customers’ specific needs and to complete and enrich the range of services offered by Quaiat is the 24/7 availability of its staff.

Last but not least, is the location in which Quaiat Yard operates: Trieste can surprise and satisfy even the most demanding crew members who are responsible of supervising the works and need to stay on board during the completion of the works. This city is still to be discovered, suspended between two cultures and tight between sea and mountains, fascinating and hospitable, irresistible during sailing events such as the famous Barcolana, the historical European sailing race, taking place annually in the Gulf of Trieste, every second Sunday in October and is one of the largest sailing races in the world with over 2,000 participants.

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