News: 58.4m Sailing Yacht Kokomo launched 2009 by Alloy Yachts

December 17, 2009 by john
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58.4m Sailing Yacht Kokomo launched 2009 by Alloy Yachts

Alloy Yachts of New Zealand has launched the third sailing yacht KOKOMO in Auckland.

The 58.4m Dubois designed superyacht’s launch means she is now the largest super sailing yacht to be built to date in New Zealand – by Alloy Yachts or any other New Zealand boat builder.

The launch of KOKOMO III took place on a lovely morning in Auckland. After launch the yacht was towed on special pontoon to Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour due to the depth of the waterways.

She will now spend the next two months in final commissioning and sailing and testing about the sparkling Waitemata Harbour.

Alloy Yachts marketing manager Linda Berry said the boat would stay in Australasia for the time being, before moving on to Europe.

Kokomo is the third yacht of the same name, as commissioned by an Australian yacht owner, who is a fantastic patron of yachting.

The earlier KOKOMO yachts have been available for luxury yacht charter but it is not known, as yet, whether this will be the case again. If so, the yacht is sure to be in hot demand as she is now one of the very finest luxury sailing yachts in the world and she is especially suited to charter due to her functional and stylish design.

Contact your luxury yacht charter broker for more on this.

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