News: 70m yacht Numptia by Rossinavi with design by Tommaso Spadolini and interior by Achille Salvagni

February 22, 2012 by lucy
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The exterior design by Tommaso Spadolini of Design Studio Spadolini

In late spring 2007, the Florence based and internationally renowned designer Tommaso Spadolini was contacted by the Project Manager who requested a preliminary draft of a yacht measuring approximately 60 metres. Based on the absolute musts requested by the Owner, the designer has quickly realised that more than 60 metres were required to accommodate all of the features. Today, measuring 70 metres in length over all, motor yacht Numptia boats large common areas with ample spaces, as well as routes to and from the various areas, that are easy to navigate and guests cabins, in which natural light is present.

The Owner’s suite is a private haven, where the Owner or potential charter guests can isolate themselves in order to work on business matters as well as spend moments of leisure and relaxation in privacy. The bridges are suitable for both formal and informal occasions, making Numptia suitable not only for private cruising but also for luxury yacht charter.

As per Spadolini’s description, superyacht Numptia is made of continuous longitudinal, vertical and transverse curved lines, lending softness to her profile, presenting her as an impressive 70m yacht, not as a miniature replica of a ship. Returning Numptia’s point of contact to the sea was made possible by way of the gentle sloping of the bridges downwards, toward the water in a cascade of curves.

Thanks to his excellent relationship with the Rossinavi shipyard, Tommaso Spadolini was able to contributed to another stage of the yacht’s realisation. During the advanced stages of the construction, unable to find furniture and furnishings in keeping with the owner’s dream and suitable for many gentle intersecting curves, the Studio Spadolini have provided the shipyard with drawings and specifications for the construction of all sofas, seats, large and small tables, furnishings for the pantry, kitchen and bar, as well as several sun beds, which were then placed on various outdoor decks of the yacht.

Originally, luxury yacht Numptia was designed to be used only by the Owner’s family. Over the time enquiries were made and necessary changes applied in order for Numptia to become a successful charter yacht. The changes involved the necessity of revising the layout of the guest cabins to become more ‘democratic’. This is where Tommaso Spadolini introduced the well known Italian architect Achille Salvagni to the client, who then went on to design and style the interiors of this impressive and elegant superyacht.

The interior by Achille Salvagni from Salvagni Architetti

Achille Salvagni, Numptia’s interior designer, believes that an interior is not only designed for a Client, but also about the Client. Their narrative decorating is designed not to tell a story about the designer and his studio, but to convey the spirit of the Owner. It becomes a visage that illustrates the underlying unique personality of the Owner. Every project is a unique opportunity to take the Clients beyond their expectations. Good design does not begin with decorating but defining the architectural vocabulary of the space.

“My interiors are always defined by a sense of calm because I think there is a great beauty in simplicity and neutral rooms which reveal the sculptural qualities of furniture and objects.” Achille Salvagni

The studio never uses to separate different living areas in terms of use and architectural schemes, the designer always wishes the space to be a unique fluid where different purposes can be settled. Especially in very narrow and long space the definition always creates fragmentation and sense of confusion, that’s why they realised a unique lounge and wide area where different situation can be provided without interfering with the dignity of the space, where one can easily have a party with dancing people rather then receiving guests in a formal way. The big ceiling eye creates a sense of dynamism, which at the same time gives a big quietness.

Everybody needs memories, that’s why Salvagni always ensures that one is close to objects from a previous life, objects from the past and taken from different cultures: Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania as well, all melted together to create a perfect balance.

He continues to be inspired by the things that exist freely in our daily life: the quality of light, the colours of nature and the harmony in perfect proportions.

Furthermore he strongly believes that pursuing the target of doing something unexpected and unorthodox, compared to the existing panorama is the key to success and to realise our vision of a more comfortable and charming way to live onboard.

The idea during Numptia’s design was that the designers were going to try and keep a calm sense of pure design, creating monolithic spaces, delicately shaded with the use of closely matched colours and well-placed lighting accents.

Their passion for absence and naked truth of interiors is enhanced with added luxury and detailing. Simple lines and original materials.

The level of customisation makes Numptia noteworthy, the expertise comes through in every practical and organisational aspect of this yacht as well as in the décor, everything has been thought out carefully down to the last detail, setting aside as much space as possible for a comfortable staying.

Throughout Numptia, woods have been used to achieve an attractive contrast between dark and light elements, from dark ebony to beige bleached teak, the use of marble, stone, bronze and natural fabrics have all helped to create a welcoming atmosphere where the naturalness of the materials is foremost.

Each deck has its own personality, but they all fit harmoniously together to form a stylish whole, whose result is a dramatic sense of continuity, a precious wooden box which includes jewels pieces of furniture made of parchment, galuchat, glossy black ebony, bronze and Murano glass.

Rounded teak curves, instead of crown mouldings, ensure continuity between walls panelling and ceilings, all in bleached teak, just like the “poor luxury” of a Jean Michel Frank’s interior, to create a truly unique piece.

Conversation areas aboard superyacht Numptia are provided with sumptuous custom made sofas and armchairs upholstered with light coloured fabrics, this combination of colours and materials goes well with the warmth of the wall panelling, floor, beige carpeting and glossy dark ebony veneered doors.

Fluidity and sense of space are revealed in NUMTIA’S bar area, which is not just a corridor between main saloon and dining room, but is conceived as a nut shell, a place to stay comfortably. Covered with rhomboidal and curved teak panels, resulting from the geometry of the walls, creates a dramatic cave effect strengthened by a warm, soft light, shining down and filtered through several bronze caps in form of sea urchins. A leaf shaped cut in the ceiling provides a soft indirect light.

Visual axes and focal points have a major role in defining interior relationships on board Numtia. From main saloon, beyond the bar, a sliding door in German silver, tribute to one designer by the Milanese group of 30’s, is a screen, which allows to have a view on the focal point represented by a stone carved relief on the dining wall and a glittering table placed in front of it. Another focal point is the bath tub, carved in stone and its background in marble, placed in front of the bed of the master stateroom. A sliding door, again, in precious custom lacquered panels allows to create a unique space and view.

The same is true for the ebony fireplace mantel in Bridge deck saloon and the elliptical shape on the ceiling which dominates the space.

Bridge and Upper Deck are designed to accommodate a considerable number of guests in various areas for entertainment and relaxation. Guests have a SPA area at their disposal overlooking a sea terrace, which includes a fitness gymnasium, sauna, massage room and hammam. Indeed sports, recreation and well-being areas play a major role on board the 70m Rossinavi yacht Numptia.

This stunning 70m Rossinavi built superyacht NUMPTIA is powered by twin 3516 B DITA-SCAC Caterpillar engines, reaching a top speed of over 16 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots. Her large tanks hold 200,000 litres of fuel and 40,000 litres of water that allow her to have a long cruising range.

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