News: 77m explorer yacht YERSIN launched by Piriou

January 29, 2015 by ss
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YERSIN: a unique vessel

Multipurpose travel vessel, all seas, all weather, but respectful of the environment, expedition yacht YERSIN associates a complex technical platform to a high comfort and security level.

o “ICE 1C” class, the hull is reinforced over the entire length.

Built for remote and extended transoceanic cruises within extreme weather conditions (- 20 °C, + 50 °C), be it on seas, rivers and lakes with a high degree of reliability in any conditions.

o ”CLEANSHIP” class, meeting the owner will of a clean and green ship.

In order to be able to navigate in the cleanest and most protected areas in the world, motor yacht YERSIN aims at getting what would be a real “green passport”: particle filters on the exhausts; hull treated with non-stick silicone coating, thus preventing harmful chemical releases; grinding, sterilization and storage of waste for a period of 50 days for 40 people; biological treatment plant of grey and black waters; no discharging for 10 days. Exterior decks are resin-coated rather than Teak-coated…

o “PASSENGER SHIP” class, offering a high level of comfort to the 18 passengers on board.

Designed to focus the reception of engineers, scientists and technicians passengers in overseas missions, YERSIN yacht is also a very functional vessel: it is composed of two laboratories, a multi-purpose room, a media room, a theater, an infirmary, a scuba-diving room, a container-storage platform.

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