90 m. Explorer Yacht (new version)

June 2, 2021 by abdulbakisenol
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Designer: Abdulbaki ŞENOL
LOA: 90 m (295.3')
Draft: 4 m (13.1')
Beam: 15 m (49.2')
Cruise Speed: 4 knots
Max Speed: 18 knots
Hull Material/Type: steel
Yacht Class: Motor

The 90m I designed 10 years ago. I have revised and redesigned the Explorer Yacht with more modern lines and present it to your liking.
When I started this design 10 years ago, my main idea was;
It was to design the cabins to be useful and comfortable, as in a Cruise Ship suite, in order to ensure that guests staying on yachts, especially in charters, can spend their time in a very comfortable way, not only in the common areas, but also in their cabins when hosting large groups of guests. These cabins are on the upper deck and bridge deck, not the classic main deck or lower deck, giving guests a different experience.
As a result of this, I was able to position 4 VIP cabins, each with its own fixed balcony, with high windows that allow more daylight to enter the interior and a better view of the outside view.
Thus, especially in rentals, it will be ensured that guests can have a much better time within the framework of privacy.
In addition, I aimed for a concept with an office and seating area with high ceilings and sufficient size inside to make the owner’s cabin much more magnificent, and a jacuzzi and sunbathing area outside that only the owner can access.
The exterior design I made that day was a classic design with oval and rounded lines, today the design I presented has much more modern, sharp and angular lines.
The yacht can also accommodate a total of 18 people very comfortably, with 4 guest cabins on the main floor.

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