News: A Bit of History of Turkey’s Gulets

April 8, 2019 by guletcharterblog

What are the expectations when you are on vacation? Or let’s make it more clear.
You decided to go for blue cruise. Second step is location, then you preferred Turkey. That’s great and clever because you will get bunch of options in any way.

In this case, if you travel to Turkey you should be ready to get nice surprises while travelling around the country. It can be a little treat in local market, a cup of coffee , tea or suddenly you can be invited for a family lunch, who knows?

If we speak about a country which is sorrounded on three side by the sea, it is a heaven for sailors. In this point we should mention little bit about history of gulets in Turkey.

Traditional Turkey gulets were the part of the culture and especially Eagean sailors of the country had used to built their own since centuries. The historical timeline goes even further to BC. Those gulets were designed to be used for fishing, trading and / or even for defensive reasons.

According to some of the old documents, gulets were very common and had been used even for piracy in some part of old times. But it was common in mostly North Atlantic Ocean. The peak times of piracy in the Caribbean begins in the 1500s until 1830s.

But no worries, to plan your holiday will not be that much complicated. Mirya Yachting has tailor made options are just waiting for you.

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