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October 15, 2012 by derinblu
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There’s no better style of freedom at sea than sailing according to some. While this may be true, it is also a personal choice. The choice comes from the sailing vessel you make your preference in sailing. Although the thought of gulet sailing is debatable, it is also a concept based on facts. If you choose to go on Turkey sailing holidays, there are a few points that should be made clear to you by the agent you are inquiring with.

Gulets are not strictly sailing boats. They are a hybrid of both sail and engine powered. Gulets are also referred to as motorsailers. Briefly there are three main types of gulets; gulets itself that have a rounded aft; gulet ketch that offer more room in the master cabins and have a flat aft, and tirhandils. A gulet has a rounded aft and two masts. The ketch has a flat stern; which offers more room in cabin space or more cabins. The tirhandil is double ender and has a pointy stern, and offers less deck space in the back compared to that of gulets and ketches. Most gulets have 2 masts; while there are those with 3.

There are 3 basic facts that allow a gulet to sail. First and obvious is good wind. Second, masts that actually have sails rigged and lastly, a crew that is enough to both mind the sails and also the guests on board during a gulet sailing holiday in Turkey. The average gulet of 3 to 5 cabins will generally have a crew of 3; namely the captain, chef and sailor. Hence the price difference in gulet type yachts compared to that of others such as motor yachts. Of course if we go into the high class gulets, you can expect a higher count in crew for the same number of cabins. But most common gulet rentals are standard, luxury and deluxe class which hold the previous count of 3.

When you have only 3 crew members on board, the sails have to come out at the right time. However this can affect the service performance of the crew to the guests unless you are quite the casual group and prefer to experience the gulet sailing experience as opposed to your meals on time. Also if there is only one captain (who needs to be at the helm) and only one sailor, sailing cannot be possible, as the chef only knows to cook and nothing about sailing. Therefore should you emphasize that you are booking your gulet cruise to sail and cruise in a one weeks’ period, so that the captain or owner can be notified by the agent and one or two more crew members can be added on board to give you the pleasurable gulet sailing experience during your gulet holidays in Turkey.

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