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March 4, 2009 by john
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The Aft View of the Luxury Sailing Catamaran CODE E displays:

Solar panels
40 m² of solar panels, which are perfectly integrated into the structure of the vessel, provide 35 kWh in clear weather.
Wind generators: 2 vertical and retractable 1,110 W wind generators are positioned on either side of the coachroof. In the raised position, they contribute towards the yacht’s energy requirements. In the lowered position, they disappear discreetly into the structure of the vessel.
Hydro generator: 2 hydro generators are used to provide electricity when under sail.

Fresh water

There is a water collection system on the yacht’s coach roof which captures rain water and filters it. This means the desalinator needs to be used less frequently.

Non-aggressive exterior design
Her exterior lines are as discreet and pure as possible and luxury catamaran Code [e] is designed to literally merge with her environment.

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