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Video: Alinghi X40 catamaran capsize – OPPS!

November 23, 2008 by Ross Tailor

Americas Cup Alinghi crew capsized their X40 catamaran during the iShares Cup in lake Lugano, Italy. This was after their capsizing with Foncia and the more recent capsizing of BMW Oracle in America.

Also, see info below about the new Alinghi America’s Cup catamaran.

Nigel Irens, multihull designer, commented on the new boat:

“I think Alinghi will be scratching their heads, at the moment, because they haven’t sailed the boat. When they do, they may say “Jesus, we need really low wind.” on the other hand they may say “This can cope with a lot more wind than we expected…..”

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  1. Ross Tailor

    Ross Tailor on November 23, 2008

    Lucky the guys were ok and there were no serious injuries…

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