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News: Alloy Yachts Launches 44m Sailing Yacht Imagine

June 17, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Imagine is a 44.2 metre sailing yacht launched on the 15th of June by Alloy Yachts. This sailing yacht was recently moved to Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour after its Southern Spars carbon fiber mast was riveted. Imagine is expected to hit the waters in the coming week.

This 44.2m sailing yacht is a namesake of the former yacht and is the second Alloy yacht styled by Dubois. The previous Alloy yacht designed by Dubois was built in 1993. The latest 44.2m Imagine is a performance oriented superyacht including several technical sailing characteristics found in a racing machine of a smaller size.

The owner, Alloy Yachts and the professionals at Dubois Naval Architects undertook all the activities for re-incorporating the charm of the original Imagine with low, slender profile and a large cockpit. However, they upgraded all the technical aspects of this yacht in comparison to the original one. With all these features and higher comfort level and entertainment opportunities that Imagine will be offering to its owners onboard, it is likely to earn great reviews across the industry.

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