Yacht: Alyssa M Ii

June 27, 2009 by yachtlover
Alyssa M Ii
Builder: Brooke Marine
Base Location: NEW ZEALAND
Material: steel
LOA: 58.0 m (190.0')
Year: 1968
Country Built: United Kingdom
Yacht Class: Motor
Flag: United Kingdom


Motor Yacht Alyssa M Ii

Motor Yacht Alyssa M Ii (image above) is a 58m (190 feet) luxury yacht being finished in the year 1968 by Brooke Marine in the UK. Hms Bulldog is/are her old name(s). Superyacht Alyssa M Ii was built with a steel hull. Up top, the superstructure utilised is mostly aluminium.

Alyssa M Ii Performance + Other Specifications

Accommodation on Alyssa M Ii

More Info About The Motor Yacht
She flies a flag from United Kingdom.

Alyssa M Ii Yacht Charters
Communicate with a recommended experienced yacht charter broker company for more with respect to having a charter holiday on Alyssa M Ii, or for queries about if she could be able to be hired for yacht charters. Similarly, request a yacht sales broker to find out if Alyssa M Ii could be offered for sale to purchase and the listing price.

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