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February 14, 2010 by Yachtie
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BMW Oracle Racing’s USA-17 crossing the finish line to win Race 1, 33rd America’s Cup Richard Gladwell
Welcome to Sail-World.com’s special America’s Cup newsletter.

Greetings from Valencia, late at night, after the conclusion of the first race of the 33rd America’s Cup.

As we left the dock this morning, Sir Michael Fay, made the observation that ‘Tonight, someone will be on Match Point. Isn’t that great? Isn’t that the way it should be?’ And he was right.

After 31 months of bitter legal wrangling and general acrimony, plus two lost race days, all was wiped clean today, with a fantastic race, between two of the highest technology sailing yachts ever built.

To be on the water today was an absolute privilege, and a day that will never be forgotten.

The sight of those two magnificent yachts, their incredible crews and awesome sailing technology was a sight that few could have imagined, let alone have the good fortune to have witnessed.

It is very hard to describe the awesome sight of these two yachts, and really there is nothing to which they can be compared, except to say that if you think the images look spectacular, seeing them in real life is 100 times more impressive.

USA-17 makes the most spectacular entry in the history of match racing in the pre-start of Race 1, 33rd America’s Cup Richard Gladwell

Today’s was a race of which no-one would predict the outcome beforehand with any degree of certainty. Sure we all had our favorites, and thoughts, but no-one knew.

Maybe the prestart penalty score by USA-17’s match racing ace, was not unexpected. Alinghi’s skipper winning the start by a massive 646 metre margin certainly was a surprise, and maybe Bertarelli’s multihull racing experience proved to be more than a worthy foil for Spithill’s match racing prowess.

It was a race that, by rights, should have been over at the start, but like pretty well everything to do with the America’s Cup – expect the unexpected. And that’s exactly what happened.

Flying high, on Leg 1, Race 1, 33rd America’s Cup Guido Trombetta/Team Alinghi

The sight of USA-17 setting off in hot pursuit of Alinghi 5, two minutes and almost 650 metres in arrears, and then passing the Defender, to windward, 15 minutes later was simply jaw-dropping.

Alinghi’s Brad Butterworth summed it up at the Media Conference very simply saying ‘that is Speed – with a capital ‘S!”

The general consensus is that the wingsail is a technology risk which has paid off handsomely for BMW Oracle Racing.

However, as we all know, the America’s Cup is a game best taken one day at a time.

Race 2 is scheduled for Sunday, Valencia time, and most of weather guru’s seemed to agree that there is a good chance of racing. We could have a winner, we could be back to deuce – with everything hanging on the third race.

USA-17 chases hard after Alinghi 5, Race 1 of the 33rd America’s Cup BMW Oracle Racing © Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

In this issue we cover the racing as best we can, with plenty of images and reports from the teams – and Bob Fisher provides his overview of the day. We’ve covered over 100nm on the water today, mostly at 30kts plus, arriving back in Valencia very cold, and sore, right on sunset – and we were one of the first back!

And yes, we did wear our Red Socks in memory of few people who couldn’t be there.

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USA-17 about to round the windward mark, Race 1, 33rd America’s Cup Richard Gladwell

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Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell

Sail-World’s America’s Cup News Editor

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America’s Cup images from Thierry Martinez
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America’s Cup BMW Oracle team surprised by down wind speed
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America’s Cup: First blood for USA
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America’s Cup 2010 – watching the racing from dockside in Valencia
Jean Philippe Jobé,
The race followed from the onshore AC set up in Valencia. The races are displayed on a giant screen in Valencia and hours before the start the best places were taken. Later as it was so cold we followed the action inside a local bar….

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America’s Cup Day 3 Race 1 – heading out to the race course
Jean Philippe Jobé,
It’s bitterly cold in Valencia, local TV says it was 2 degrees centigrade at dawn, wind abated and although the start as been delayed to midday, there is some hope we will see some race today….

America’s Cup – Richard Branson in Valencia
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America’s Cup: Steve Clark on Heavy Air Multihull Sailing
Steve Clark,
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Kiwiprops – an innovative new propeller for sailing yachts
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2010 America’s Cup

America’s Cup news and information, including past challenge and new challenge….
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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