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News: An Eco-friendly Solar Yacht Set For a Voyage Around the World

February 23, 2010 by Superyacht News
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All the yacht admirers are eagerly awaiting the launch of the catamaran-style solar yacht by its builders – PlanetSolar. This novel concept of yacht involves utilization of solar power with the help of 500 square meters of solar panels. However, another unique part of this news is the interesting itinerary that the yacht is expected to make around the world following its release in Germany on February 25.

PlanetSolar believes that this solar yacht will be the largest solar vessel across the globe with the dimensions 30 by 16 meters. Another intriguing feature of the yacht is its aesthetics and the wave piercing technology which permits the yacht to resist any odd kind of weather conditions on sea.

This impressive yacht which is currently in the final leg of its construction at the Knierim Yachtbau shipyard in Kiel will be assessed in the end of March. On the completion of experiments and tests, the catamaran-style yacht will make a debut at the Hamburg port’s 821st birthday celebration from May 7-9.

The solar boat will then undertake a 40,000-kilometre voyage for an estimated 140 days under the guidance of two crew members in 2011. It is likely to sail close to the equator for maximum sunlight at an average speed of eight knots. Leading toward the Panama Canal and across the Pacific and Indian oceans and through the Suez Canal, it will turn homewards (to the Mediterranean).
PlanetSolar expects that this first solar powered voyage will enhance the consciousness regarding use of renewable sources of energy. Though the industry has several other existing solar powered yachts to boast about, PlanetSolar’s solar boat surfaces as a distinguished vessel due to its highly strong lithium ion batteries, which reportedly makes it convenient for the yacht to move for three days and nights without having any sunlight to recharge.

In the words of head of the shipyard, Steffen Muller, the boat offers an inexpensive sailing experience, is environment friendly, and powered by solar panels to cost somewhere around the higher single-digit millions. But what remains highly crucial for PlanetSolar is the objective of creating mass awareness about solar travel irrespective of the parameter of expenditure.

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