News: Andrew Moore designed SHE Yacht for Pegaso Marine

January 27, 2012 by ss
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Unlike the original design which is a go anywhere exploration yacht, featuring a sliding helipad and a large garage housing a submarine the luxury yacht design called SHE is a vessel designed for cruising rather than out and out exploration, which has resulted in changes to her layout.

The large garage of the original design has been halved as the super yacht SHE does not house a submarine. The new space forms a large beach club on the starboard side for leisure and relaxation with a new tender store for water toys on the port side. By keeping this area closed rather than having walk around sidewalks it retains an attractive feature of the original vessel – the security. It is hard to gain access to the yacht from the aft end if the doors are shut.

The laboratory of the original design has been changed to a gym freeing up the space taken up two decks above in the original yacht to be a sky lounge that leads directly out onto an intimate outdoor seating area. The owner’s suite has moved down 2 decks and is no longer on the sun deck thus creating a larger outdoor bathing and relaxation area on the sundeck. By doing this it has allowed the bridge to be moved up a deck much improving the vision for the captain out of the yacht.

Another key design change is due to the absent helideck giving the new profile a more sleek and elegant look. Apart from large beach club/tender area this design is much more conventional than that of the original Pegaso and is intended to appeal to a different client – one that spends more time living and entertaining onboard than going out doing activities off the yacht. By utilising the same technical platform as the original this design will work from the outset and will reduce the development time considerably should it go ahead.

The form of the exterior is inspired by two conflicting inspirations, the female form and Japanese samurai swords. The female figure, elegant and graceful influences gentle, tapering lines and full bodied curves. The samurai sword inspired the stainless steel detailing, giving the yacht a crisp, shiny sharpness that compliments and emphasises the form. Together the influences generate a crisp, powerful vessel with strong curves cut off through the midships section to give a sharp yet curvaceous modern look.

Overall this design is beautiful, timeless and sophisticated with a natural balance. SHE is light and agile with just the right amount of power and vigour. It very much backs up the statement of why a ship is always called she.

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