News: Andrew Trujillo presents 35m catamaran SOLSTICE concept

December 9, 2014 by lucy
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Solstice yacht is a motor sailer, but one with other modern surprises. She features electric azipods which greatly enhance the manoeuvrability, but also have been selected on grounds of packaging and space efficiency. She has two generators in the engine rooms mounted transversally. These not only provide the necessary electrical juice to provide propulsion when not under sail, but also deliver the needed power to fulfil the hotel loads of the yacht. This configuration allows the vessel to work as a hybrid and if provision is made by placing banks of batteries, she can operate as an electrically powered vessel, at least partly. She would also have the potential to use the prop as a generator when under sail, making her environmentally kinder and a much more efficient vessel, massively extending her potential range.

Solstice superyacht has a fly-bridge which offers great overall visibility and is great vantage point with two sunbeds and seating to accompany the helmsperson. The outdoor spaces are also enormous, with the current set up having a large aft dining table to starboard for alfresco dining and a very generous sofa on the port side. Between the two is a large whirlpool.

On the foredeck there are twin tables and generous seating areas, which at the switch of button and by placing large cushions can be converted into a sun lounging space.

This yacht is a conceptual project, therefore it seeks to push the boundaries a little but is intentionally thought out with a sense of realism, yet it has the aim of being thought provoking. It also seeks to some extent move away from being very upright and overtly functional looking or odd looking catamaran. Naturally catamarans do look and have different proportions to mono-hulled vessels. Arguably, as a designer the possibilities are greater to experiment. However, the most compelling aspect of designing a vessel like this one is that it seems to answer so many of the questions being asked at present.

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