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Video: Ankida Superyacht animation revealed by Lila Lou’s Alexander Isaac

March 17, 2010 by Bill Noramin

In october 2009 we posted a video of Alexander Isaac’s revolutionary sailing yacht design concept Ankida.

Now, a few months later, Alexander Isaac of Lila Lou revealed that he and his design team created an animation of Ankida, providing potential clients with a better understanding of the mechanism of this amazing sailing yacht.

When Ankida’s design was revealed for the first time back in November 2009 Lila Lou made a statement that best describes this ingenious design:

“We have developed ‘Ankida’ in a manner that we see is the natural progression for sailing yachts, the most fundamental aspect of which is the mast, rig and keel configuration, moving away from a traditional centre line mast arrangement in order to structurally integrate the entire set-up with the hull and superstructure, making all wind generated forces work homogeneously with the craft, thus maximizing the propulsion efficiency.”

They also explained further:

“We developed Ankida’s mast(s) and keel(s) to be structurally integral, rather than applied, to the overall design, in order that the forces created are more homogeneously distributed, working in favor of the performance, it was from the mast design that the sails followed”.

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