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June 15, 2009 by Yacht Designer
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ARC Yachts, based in Brazil, is a yacht building company which creates yachts in aluminium and composite materials.

ARC has a range of yacht designs beginning in size with the 24 ft motor yacht and proceeding right up to the superyacht flagship 120 ft aluminium motor yacht called the 120 and the 120H Virtous motor yacht.

The ARC 120 H Virtous superyacht design is 36 meters in length and she will boast two CAT C32 1925 HP diesel engines giving a 25 knot cruising speed. With 7 cabins there is plenty of accommodation for guests as well as a private deck for the owner suite and the comforts of a sundeck Jacuzzi. The Virtous 120 motor yacht is designed by ARC founder Alexandre Cianciulli.

The founder of ARC Yachts, Alexandre Cianciulli, provides the best and most innovative solutions to their customers and clients.

“With years of experience in projects and constructions of boats, ARC Yachts look to develop designs that will be produced with quality, faster and using all the technology that nautical world can offer.

Always searching for actualizations on the tendencies of the national and international boat market, accessories, components, services, engines and electronics, so afterwards we can use that tendencies on our projects.”

Specifications sheet for the 120 H ARC Superyacht:

Motor Yacht Total Length
36,5 meters (120 Feet)
2 x CAT C32 1925 HP
2 x 32 Kva
Yacht Beam
7,2 meters (23,6 Feet)
Maximum Speed
25 Knot Cruising Speed
16 Knot
1,75 meters (5,7 Feet)
Fuel Tank
25.000 liters Beds

Specifications sheet for the 120 ARC motor yacht:

Total Length
36,5 meters (120 Feet) Motorization
2 x CAT C32 1925 HP Generators
2 x 32 Kva
7,2 meters (23,6 Feet)
Maximum Speed
25 Knot
Cruising Speed
16 Knot
1,75 meters (5,7 feet) Tanque de Combustível
25.000 liters
Water Tank
8.000 liters
Nautic Aluminium Total
95 Tons
ACR Yachts Designer
Alexandre Cianciulli Resende

ARC YAchts will be at the following up coming boat shows displaying the ARC 120 and other yacht designs available to be built:

2nd Korea International Boat Show and Marine Festival
03 June 2009 – 07 June 2009
Hwaseong City, Korea

July 09
49th Melbourne Boat Show
02 July 2009 – 06 July 2009
Melbourne, Australia

9th Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show (MAATS)
15 July 2009 – 17 July 2009
Orlando, FL, USA

42nd Sydney International Boat Show
30 July 2009 – 04 Agosto 2009
Orlando, FL, USA

Further details on the 120 motor yacht and ARC Yachts: http://www.acryachts.com.br/

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