News: Attractive Advantages In Chartering The Esma Sultan Yacht

September 5, 2021 by miryayachting

Among the many features of the Esma Sultan gulet which make her a true jewel for exclusive yacht charters in style, she is a very multi-purpose yacht.

The Esma Sultan provides a wide assortment of advantages for guests. Whether you have a large group for a yoga cruise, seeking spacious, pure high end service and standards for your family holidays at sea; or require the space, top level professional crew services and audio-visual facilities on a super-sized yacht; the Esma Sultan is sure to accommodate your charter style in more ways than one.

Aft Deck

When you step on board the exquisite Esma Sultan gulet, you will be greeted by a wide and spacious aft deck where in the centre is a massive square shaped table. Compared to that of other gulets, where the aft dining areas offer a long table, the square shape of the table on board the Esma Sultan makes for a more ideal, closer socializing environment. You have the possibility of chatting with everyone at every side. With long tables it is difficult to chat with the person at the other end of the table – due to the distance and length.

Aft Salon

At first glance, the yacht offers the impression of a luxurious motor yacht. The passage from the aft dining area into the first salon is complimented with tasteful contemporary design. Simple and elegant. The first salon (aft salon) is also an excellent area of the yacht for family gatherings, meetings, for delightful audio/visual entertainment. There is a short bar on the port side for easy service to guests.

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