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News: Australia – Riviera Boat Builder currently looking for quality tradespeople

August 13, 2010 by Nigel Dalgety
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Riviera, Australia’s most awarded pleasure boat builder is ramping up production to meet the growing demand for its range of luxury and boats is actively recruiting qualified tradesmen to work on its new 10 day production line that officially started this month.

The multi award-winning company based on the Gold Coast in Queensland has already re-hired several staff who were made redundant last year, when the full impact of the GFC was felt and has recently recruited eight former Mustang Marine employees.

Riviera’s HR manager Deanne Lugton said the company was searching for quality, skilled tradespeople and production employees with a positive and committed attitude.

“We are looking for experienced tradespeople and production employees who want to work for our world-class company, building high quality, prestigious boats for our domestic and international clients” she said.

“Our staff are proud to be part of the Riviera family and they take immense pride in their work. They are the backbone of the company and we can attribute our success over the last 12 months to their high level of commitment and enthusiasm.

“We look forward to hiring more highly skilled people to assist us meet the rising demand for our esteemed boats.”

Brothers Jason and Rick Wieland were re-hired earlier this month in Riviera’s lamination department after being made redundant in May last year.

Jason began his career with Riviera in 2001 when he worked as a detailer in Fit Out One. The following year his brother, Rick, also started working as a detailer in Fit Out One.

When Rick was made redundant last year, he moved his family to Harvey Bay in search of work, while Jason remained on the Gold Coast doing odd jobs repairing boats and servicing pools before being hired by Mustang.

“It’s excellent to be back and I have more appreciation and respect for Riviera, which is a company that is so established and it gives me a feeling of security,” Rick said.

“Riviera is really professional and I haven’t had the chance to thank management for allowing us to come back here. It has meant a lot for my family, we are back in our own home, my three sons are more vibrant and my wife is feeling settled and it is great to be close to our friends and family again.”

Jason said it was great to be back at Riviera with a stable income and he also enjoyed working a four day week so he could pursue his interest in dirt bike riding.

“Recently I have been working all round in several different departments from final fitout stage to quality control repairs and I just enjoy the variation of my work, it’s great to be back,” Jason said.

Riviera offers 20 different models from 36 to 85 feet across four model series Flybridge, Sport Yacht, Offshore Express and Motor Yachts.

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