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Bio: Thanks again for your prompt response with details and inquiries.

We have been in the tourism industry for more than 1/3 of Maldivian Tourism History and have dealt with many tour operators from small to the larger scale. Specially we have been in the cruising business from the very beginning of the company, as a result the name refers as a signification symbol “SAILING TOURS”.

Let me introduce you our services and our team. We have 20 Staffs working in our team on different areas, from admin – operation and the management. However, let me brief you with the top management of the company.
Mr. Abdulla Ibrahim
Managing Director
Mr. Abdullah, is the founder of Sailing Tours and a well established tourism expert in Maldives. He was among the pioneers who brought tourists of different nationalities to different corners of Maldives on Liveaboards. He have worked in the industry as a responsible person catering to incentive groups, seminars and conferences of corporations around the globe. The beautiful life gained him baskets of knowledge and experience in Maldives ; of the local culture, of the tourist industry and of customer care.
Mr. Abdulla is among the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated people in the tourism sector of Maldives. He achieved success through his hard work, personal relationships, travel trade network and innovative approach to businesses. He also have build the trust and respect of owners and operators of well known resorts, hoteliers, Liveaboards and transport service providers in the Maldives.

His professionalism, friendliness , success and high standing in the travel and tourism industry has lead him in maintain an excellent relationship with all the relevant authorities and international Travel bodies including foreign consulates. In addition, his new ideas are always implemented with the perfect advises of his lawyers.

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    dear Dr.Sylvie Charlotte
    can you find us good & reliable agent in France

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