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Bio: I am a charismatic, outgoing and friendly person, who is driven by challenging tasks, meeting new people, and experiencing life to its fullest! I spent 2004 in Brazil as a Rotary exchange student, i now have a Bachelors degree, as well as 3.5yrs in the financial and accounting industry. I believe that i am an asset to any business because of my work ethic, and the fun vibe i instil in any environment. I have learnt that over the past few years that i am not an office person, although it may be a strength of mine nonetheless, i need to travel again, and get into something which makes me happy, being the ocean, and travelling around the world. And there isn't a better way than the yachts.....

I like meeting people from all walks of life, and experiencing their culture the way they would. I dislike lazy people and fickleness. I am open to trying new things, i never give up!

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  1. Ryan Mahoney

    Profile: Ryan Mahoney

    June 18, 2009 by ryanmis

    Although my experience on a yacht is somewhat limited, it has been a lifelong dream of mine to serve in this industry. My 2 biggest passions in life are Scuba …