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  1. January 19, 2013 about Maritimus Consultant

    Breaking news for yacht owners!

    From the January 1st 2013 yachts can be imported in croatia for only 1.7% custom dues and 5% (five percents) VAT. This opportunity will last until 31.05.2013. If yacht will be imported in Croatia before her entrance in EU all boats with Croatian flag after entrance in EU will have status EU VAT PAID! Maritimus Consultant is offering “ONE STOP SHOP” service and arranging all import formalities on behalf of boat owners. Doing this in Croatia for foreigners is mission impossible and for us hard work. More you will find on our website.

    Maritimus Consultant is one of several serious companies which will offer assistance to yacht owners. We are sure that many people/companies will see opportunity to earn quick money. We are warning you that this is serious job where your money will be handled by others and carefully select your consultant. Check that this is well established company with good reputation in yachting community. We are not saying this because we are concerned about competition. If will be 5000 yacht (everyone is counting on more) and if will be 20 consulting companies what we are doubting each company will have few hundred boats to handle in 4 months. Mission impossible! Our estimate is that with reinforced staff we will be able to handle maximum 200 boats. If we reach this number we will close door because we want be sure that job will be done properly and on time.

    If you are interested in our service please send us mail on and ask quotation. We will send you flyer with detailed procedures and cost breakdown .

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  1. Maritimus Yacht Broker Croatia

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    February 22, 2009 by sbacalja

    We are pleased to introduce our new service. Maritimus is appointed by several well known Croatian Yacht charter companies to act as their broker. What this mean to you. …

  2. Maritimus Consultant

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    January 25, 2009 by sbacalja

    Yacht-boat-ship Surveyors & Marine Consultants!