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July 23, 2009 by john
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Barracuda Yacht Design have recently completed a 55 metre 180 sailing yacht design which can only be described as an innovative mix of luxury comfort and sailing performance technology. The SY 180 superyacht has large internal volume and accommodation and yet she has a canting keel – yes a canting keel – for superior upwind sailing performance as well as a beach club and a huge flybridge.

The new design of a 180 foot sailing sloop by Barracuda Yacht Design has been helped in many regards by Barracuda’s experience in the two previous Spanish Americas Cup Syndicates at Valencia.

Even though she is a large, comfortable and volumous luxury sailing yacht she boasts a canting keel – believed to be the first on a cruising superyacht of this caliber.

The canting keel on the 180 pivots a lead bulb as flanked by a couple of adjustable dagger boards. These trimming appendages are more usually seen on a Wally sailing yachts or fully fledged supermaxi racing yachts as opposed to a large luxury cruising yacht. Her canting keel is complimented and enhanced with 35 tonnes of transferable water ballast. The keel and appendage package is expected to give around 15 knots of upwind speed in 20 knots of breeze.

It will be very interesting to see if other large sailing superyacht designers, such as Dubois Yachts, Ron Holland and Perini Navi will also now begin to look into incorporating the canting keel and dagger board option on their own large cruising yachts. It is well acknowledged that canting keels give fantastic performance increases, however it is only in the last year or two that the technology is trialed enough to give acceptably reliable results.

Another feature of the Barracuda 180 Yacht Design sailing superyacht is the ability to house a relatively large flybridge. Indeed the fly bridge provides good extra external living space and areas for dining, seating and sunbathing. As usual, the the forward part of the fly-bridge has twin helm stations to see both tacks and offers visibility from where all major controls can be operated

The sail plan and rigging design also integrates a self tacking jib, which is the love of any experience cruising sailor.

As for internals, the design of her main deck salon facilitates a central hall area. This promotes access to a spacious lounge area aft and walking forward will fully reveal a separate dining room.

Another design departure from norm is the secondary galley, in her saloon , which brings food at its creation right into the living space. The superyacht’s internal bridge is at the furtherest forward section of the large saloon space.

The Barracuda Yacht Design 180 (55m) sailing yacht accommodates an owner suite (full beam, with sauna) and an additional eight guests in five cabins. The total maximum of 10 guests sleeping overnight means the yacht will be in demand for yacht charters, if the owne so wishes to mitigate ownership costs.

The beam width bedroom yacht owner’s suite really can be called a suite because it incorporates a sauna and a private lounge area which has side access to a ‘beach zone’, located just above the water level, on the yacht’s port side.

Barracuda Yachts intend to display their design for a new 55m sailing yacht at this year’s 2009 Monaco Yacht Show and there will certainly be many interested eyes if they do.

Length: 55 m – 180
Beam: 11.2 m
Draft: 1.75 m
Displacement: 325 Tm
Ballast: 90 Tm
Engine: 2 x 1000 Hp
Water: 18,000 lt
Fuel: 58,000 lt
Sail Area : 1400 m2
Styling & Design and Naval Architecture: Barracuda Yacht Design
Year: 2009

For more information or enquiries about the innovative Barracuda superyacht design see their website:

C/ Alfonso Gómez, 9. 28037 Madrid. Spain. Tel +34·91·4400450 Fax: +34·91·4400454

Further information from Barracuda:

Americas Cup influences the design for Barracuda 180ft Performance Sailing Yacht
Utilising skills and experience gained from being part of two past Spanish Americas Cup
syndicates, Barracuda Yacht Design have recently completed an optimised design
concept for a highly attractive 180ft performance sailing yacht, with a canting keel and
water ballast.

Intended for display at the forthcoming Monaco Yacht Show, the new design is for a
long and sleek yacht, characterised by an emphasis on high speed, minimal healing
angles and great comfort.

The principal inclusion of a canting keel with lead bulb, flanked by adjustable twin
dagger-boards and 35 tonnes of transferable water ballast, will result in expected
speeds of around 15knots upwind in only 20knots of breeze. For the comfort and safety
of those onboard, an optimum trim can be achieved across all points of sail, in
particular, upwind healing angles should be no more than 10º, even in high winds.

But the technological revelations do not end purely below the waterline. For example,
the new yacht’s flybridge will cause great interest. Viewed from the side, this large
external living space with dedicated areas for dining, seating and sunbathing is
surprisingly discreet and does not detract from the flowing elegance of the yacht as a
whole. From the forward end of the fly-bridge, twin helm stations offer great visibility
from where all major controls, including those for a self-tacking jib, can be accessed.

Internally, within the main deck saloon, a central hall area provides access to a spacious
lounge area aft and forward to a separate dining room. The saloon also houses a
secondary galley and the yacht’s internal bridge station.

From the hall, stairs or a lift offer access to the lower deck, where accommodation for
an owner plus 8 guests and 8 crew can be found. In particular, the owner’s space is very
impressive; comprising a beam width bedroom, private lounge area, twin ‘his and her’
bathrooms. Along with a private sauna and relaxation area with port side access to
‘beach zone’, located just above the water level, for cooling off immediately upon
exiting the sauna.

The yacht’s inventory of water toys and equipment will be stored in a vast under-deck
garage, aft, whilst concealed discreetly underneath deck level doors, will be twin
tenders launched and retrieved via telescopic crane.

Rarely has the design for a yacht of this size combined the space and comfort one
would expect with the promise of such pace.

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