Bens Boat Crew

Profile: Ben’s Boat Crew

April 10, 2009 by Bens Boat Crew
Year Established: 2004
Services/Goods Offered: yacht management
Skills: Detailiing
Languages: English
Operating Locations: New England

Ben’s Boat Crew is a yacht detailing company. Specializing in Interior and exterior cleaning on all boats. We provide services to many clients and dealerships in the New England region. Our services include: Washing, Waxing, Compounding, Bottom Painting, Non Skid treatments, Interior detailing, Metal polishing, and all enclosure cleaning. We offer boat show services to any dealer or broker. These services cover all aspects of detailing that Ben’s Boat Crew performs. Ben’s Boat Crew has never had a complaint from any of our clients. We are fully insured and work in many of the largest marinas and yacht clubs in the areas we cover.

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