Bernard Galley are delighted to present their EPISODE 6 Spring 2010 newsletter.

March 23, 2010 by Yachtie
View large version of image: Bernard Galley are delighted to present their EPISODE 6 Spring 2010 newsletter.

Here is a small textual run down of the Newsletter. You can see the full version with images at http://www.bernard-gallay.com

Please find included an interview with Mr Bernard Gallay featured in Yacht World Magazine as well as our latest developments, brokerage and charter listings and charter packages.

Also specialised in Transoceanic charter

Yacht Brokerage
Épisode 6
Spring 2010
Magic Cat
Como, p 7
Experience Polynesia
for Charter, p 21
Genie, Wally 24m,
available for charter
2 Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Yacht Brokerage
A Global perspective
on Yacht Brokerage
Q&A with Bernard Gallay

Also specialised in Transoceanic charter

Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
90ft “BUZZY B”
1982/2000. This magnificant Martin Francis design was totally rebuilt in 2000 at C & N in Gosport. Nothing was left unturned, including the interior which benefited
from a complete redesign. She is MCA compliant and also available for charter.
99ft Super Maxi “ALFA ROMEO 2”
2005. Designed by Reichel Pugh. Built by Mc Conaghy – New Zealand. A master piece of technology and performance.
Very high pedigree. Line Honours Winner of the 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.
60ft ORMA Trimaran “GEANT”
2002. Winner of THE TRANSAT 2004 and ROUTE DU RHUM 2002. A great potential winner.
6 Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Yacht Brokerage
Baltic 78 Custom
2000. Built to combine the ultimate in luxury
and performance: LUPA OF LONDON offers
all the comforts for cruising in a high tech
package, built for speed. She boats a canting
keel to improve sailing stability.
She is the ideal boat to combine enjoy able
cruising and exciting racing events.
Try before you buy! Charter Rates on request.
Guy Couach 2800 Long Range “BJORG II”
2002. Fast, long range motor yacht with fly bridge for cruising comfortably with up to 8 guests. No vibration, technically perfect and up to date. BJORG II has a special
Quantum trim-tab-fin “Ride Control” system integrated which give her impressive performances in any sea condition.
85ft “SUN TENAREZE” 2004 – After six years around the world, SUN TENAREZE has proved to be reliable, safe, fast and extremely comfortable.
Being still owned by her first owner and with still her first captain on board, she is now for sale and maintained in great condition. Her crew is prepared to transmit the
great experience and knowledge of the boat they have built up during almost 6 years of cruising on board.

Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
“AGNETA” 1950. 80ft AGNETA entered into the history of yachting with her first illustrious owner, a keen yachtsman who enjoyed more than 25 years of cruising
and racing on this elegant and streamlined yawl. She boasts unmistakable port-wine coloured sails and a superb varnished hull. Thanks to her designer Knut Reimer,
she is still second to none in every way, both with her aesthetic point of view and also her great performances in the Classic regatta racing circuit.
135ft Alloy Yachts “COMO”
A thoroughly elegant performer with “go anywhere” capabilities.
Technically perfect.
2007 – COMO is a stylish, modern, raised pilothouse design with a sailboat look,
low profile and a huge flying bridge.
Boosting an upper saloon gives her as much space as a 50 metre motor yacht.
She is ideal for summer conditions in the Mediterranean : she looks different with
a cool feel.
The workmanship at Alloy Yachts is exceptional. The interior finish equals the best
design of the European yards, and the level of engineering is second to none.
In 2007, COMO won :
- the International Superyacht Society Design award for the Best Interior Design
during the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show.
- the Best Motoryacht Exterior Styling prize at the Boat International 2007 World
Superyacht Awards.

Worldwide Central Agent
“OCEAN’S SEVEN” 2004. Elegant and powerful on the water, spacious and refined: OCEAN’S SEVEN is a very comfortable and luxurious catamaran
which has been very successful for charter during the past two years in the Carribean and the Mediterranean. She is in the utmost condition, having been maintained
by a permanent crew. Her cockpit upholstery was redone in 2008.
120ft “NAHEMA” New Construction
A new and unique design built in order to achieve unequalled goals of perfection, performance and space. Number one under construction for sale.
Morgan 70 “MATHIGO” 2007. Kevlar composite built from the board of Tom Fexas, she is a true gentleman’s yacht with a special classic touch
inspired from the lobster boats in Maine. She is both fast and seaworthy, extremely comfortable and luxurious.
Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Motor Yacht Index
LEPANTE Ocea Commuter 108
32,70 m 2004 10 guests
3 500 000 €
PURE WHITE Leopard 34
34,11 m 2007 8 guests
5 900 000 €
COMO Alloy Yachts 134ft
41,40 m 2007 10 guests
14 000 000 €
MACALULU Cantieri di Pisa – AKHIR 100
30,10 m 2004 8 guests
5 900 000 € 4 500 000 €
FRIDAY Leopard 31
31,00 m 2007 8 guests
5 500 000 €
PERSEUS STAR Benetti 105
32,00 m 1985 Refit 2000-2007 8 guests
1 990 000 € 1 500 000 €
BJORG II Guy Couach 2800 LR
28,00 m 2002 8 guests
3 150 000 € 2 500 000 €
ATTILA V Displacement Motor Yacht
29,55 m 1989 10 guests
790 000 € 480 000 €
30,00 m 1975 10 guests
1 200 000 € 950 000 €
TENEO Sunseeker Predator 82
24,97 m 2006 8 guests
2 590 000 €
AKHIR ONE Cantieri di Pisa – Akhir 85
26,10 m 2008 8 guests
4 300 000 € 3 750 000 €
YIALOUSA Guy Couach 2800
28,00 m 2001 8 guests
2 000 000 € 1 200 000 €
LA LUTINE Motor Yacht
22.04 m 1957 8 guests
425 000 €
CELESTIAL Navarcantieri P 21 S
22.60 m 1997 8 guests
750 000 € 675 000 €
23,16 m 1989 8 guests
700 000 € 550 000 €
10 Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Yacht Brokerage
FIDJI III Guy Couach 1850
18,55 m 2000 4 guests
720 000 € 690 000 €
MATHIGO II Morgan 70
21,24 m 2007 7 guests
1 950 000 € 1 350 000 €
CARPE DIEM Guy Couach 2200
21,85 m 2003 8 guests
1 670 000 € 1 550 000 €
HOOP Classic Tug
17,50 m 1907 4 guests
495 000 €
VOGUE III Azimut 58
17,64 m 2000 6 guests
670 000 €
FELICITY II Ferretti 58
18,50 m 1991/2003 8 guests
395 000 € 290 000 €
SUANE Pershing 45
14,20 m 1999 4 guests
330 000 € 220 000 €
THEO Technomarine 55
15,00 m 1988/2000 4 guests
220 000 €
MISTAKE I San Lorenzo 16
16,20 m 1976-2006 6 guests
110 000 €
LOCH LOMOND Classic Tender
9,98 m 2007 12 passengers
200 000 €
BAGHEERA Pershing 40
12,80 m 1995 4 guests
130 000 €
TIPITINA Apreamar 12
12,00 m 2003 4 guests
300 000 €

Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
Sailing Yacht Index
ANTSIVA Centre board schooner, aluminium
28,00 m 2004 10 guests
1 450 000 €
NAHEMA 120ft Catamaran
35,00 m Under construction 8 guests
14 000 000 €
41,52 m 1943 200 guests
1 650 000 €
BOJAROS Steel Ketch
27,00 m 2000 10 guests
800 000 € 650 000 €
27,50 m 1982/2000 6 guests
UNDER OFFER 1 665 000 €
GARANCE Steel Ketch
28,00 m 1996-2008 10 guests
790 000 €
LUPA OF LONDON Baltic 78 Custom
23,95 m 2000 8 guests
2 500 000 € 1 950 000 €
AGNETA Classic Yawl
25,03 m 1950 6 guests
1 700 000 € 1 450 000 €
25,75 m 2004 8 guests
NEW FOR SALE 3 500 000 €
IKRA II Presles 72
21,95 m 1980 6 guests
575 000 €
KAVIRA Gulet Ketch
22,42 m 1986/2007 6 guests
420 000 € 320 000 €
ZIA Ketch, wooden
22,75 m 1958 8 guests
450 000 € 390 000 €
JAIPUR Jeroboam
21,00 m 1991 6 guests
750 000 €
BILLY BAKER Stanfast Yachts – Holland
20,47 m 1993 8 guests
690 000 € 490 000 €
SAINT AUBERT 3 Huntingford, centre board ketch
21,30 m 1985 8 guests
450 000 € 300 000 €
Yacht Brokerage

KALAO Maxi Dolphin 65
20,01 m 2003 6 guests
NEW FOR SALE 1 300 000 €
20,80 m 1985 6 guests
250 000 €
BLACK JACK Van de Stadt ketch
20,00 m 1987 12 guests
790 000 €
NAUSICAA Sloop aluminium 66ft
20,00 m 2006 10 guests
770 000 € 650 000 €
ALBE Sail / Gaff Cutter
19,20 m 2005 4 guests
490 000 €
AEGIR Levrier 18
18,00 m 1995 8 guests
590 000 € 420 000 €
17,50 m 2005 6 guests
320 000 €
ALIDADE Catana 58
17,70 m 2004 8 guests
870 000 €
OCEAN’S SEVEN Privilege 585, Catamaran
17,82 m 2004/2007 8 guests
950 000 €
SILFRANIA Super Maramu
15,97 m 1991 6 guests
235 000 € 200 000 €
ETEL Feeling 546v
16,91 m 1992 10 guests
200 000 € 189 000 €
LE LYS San Germani
16,70 m 1955 6 guests
300 000 €
SARANAÏA Saranaïa 50
15,00 m 2005 6 guests
260 000 €
KAFILA Nauticat 52
15,70 m 1984 6 guests
200 000 €
BAKEA Alliage 50
15,25 m 2005 8 guests
450 000 € 300 000 €
Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Billy Baker 1993. STANDFAST YACHTS – Holland. A nice and well built cutter
rigged sloop. Built for long distance cruising. Her deck layout has been successfully
designed by Ed Dubois and makes her very easy to sail and to handle with only two crew
members. She is safe, reliable, comfortable and seaworthy.
690 000 € 490 000 €
Attila 1989. Displacement Motor yacht built from steel for the hull and aluminium
for the decks and cockpits. Very seriously and strongly built. Very spacious accommo -
dation for up to 10 people + 1 skipper and 4 crew. The owner and guests staterooms
are particularly large indeed. Technically ATTILA V is very reliable.
790 000 € 480 000 €
Nausicaa 2006. 66ft Sloop. NAUSICAA is a sensational yacht which boasts
individuality with its 240° panoramic view. On board this yacht you will find the comfort
of the catamaran and the pleasure of a monohull. NAUSICAA has been a huge success
for charter during the summer of 2009 and particularly for her first charter season.
770 000 € 650 000 €
Yialousa 2001. GUY COUACH 2800.
A fast, long range motor yacht with fly bridge for cruising comfortably for up to 8 guests.
No vibration, technically perfect and up to date.
2 000 000 € 1 200 000 €
Aegir 1995. LEVRIER 18
A very strong and light cruising sloop which ensures excellent performance, great
comfort and quality design comparable to racing Open monohulls.
590 000 € 420 000 €
Motor yacht with fly bridge, designed for the open seas. Very reliable and can welcome
2 couples in maximum and luxurious comfort. Only two owners – rarely used (around
350 hours in April 2008) 720 000 € 690 000 €
14 Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Yacht Brokerage
60ft Trimaran “HIQ” 1998. One of the fastest sailing boats in the world. In good conditions the boat can sail faster than 40 knots – last year’s
record speed was 41,6 knots.The sail area is very large compared with the size of the boat, making the vessel quick and light on the rudder. An advanced craft to
sail – the Formula 1 of sailing. The new trimaran HiQ has successfully sailed in competitions such as the ORMA, Jaques Vabre and Route du Rhum.
72ft Mini Maxi “ALFA ROMEO 3”
2008/2009. Winner of the Copa Del Rey and Mini Maxi Event at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in 2009. A brand new
top gun machine with all the latest technology and design features.

Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
1999. Nivelt design. She is fast and extremely reliable. She finished 9th in the last Vendee Globe with veteran Richard Wilson.
60ft Imoca “AKENA” 1998. One of the 2 best boats available on the market. She has just completed the 2009 Vendee Globe, finishing 7th overall.
High pedigree and remarkably well built having finished the last 3 editions of the race : 6th, 4th and 7th.
60ft Imoca “CHEMINEES POUJOULAT I” 2000. Rebuilt in 2005. The best boat available on the market. Winner of the last
Velux race in 2006/2007 (all legs and overall) and of the Around Alone in 2002/2003 (all legs but one, and overall).

New Pogo 40 “JUMPA LAGI” 2009. She has been designed to sail long distances at high speeds. Simple to sail single handed or with a
small crew. She is easy to maintain, reliable and unsinkable. With the new Pogo 40 you can line up with goals of winning at the start of any international offshore
races, such as the Route de Rhum or the English Transat. Or, you can just take your family on a long distance trip across the Atlantic during a sabbatical year.
RORC Yacht Of The Year – 60ft “SOLUNE”
2003. SOLUNE saw an incredible campaign once again in 2006: 1st RORC Allan Paul and Stradivarius Season Trophies – 2nd RORC all classes.
60ft Open Imoca “UUDS” 1994. Ex GEODIS winner of the 3rd Vendee Globe.
Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Racing Index
18,28 m 1998
490 000 € 390 000 €
ALFA ROMEO 3 Mini Maxi
21,80 m 2008
2 500 000 €
ALYE PARUSA Maxi Open monohull
27,00 m 2000
1 000 000 € 750 000 €
18,28 m 1992
260 000 € 180 000 €
18,28 m 2000
450 000 € 350 000 €
18,28 m 2002
420 000 € 270 000 €
18,28 m 1991
140 000 €
HIQ Trimaran ORMA 60ft
18,28 m 1998
18,28 m 1999
250 000 €
ex ROXY 60 Open IMOCA
18,28 m 1989
278 000 € 200 000 €
18,28 m 2005
600 000 €
NOKIA Trimaran ORMA 60ft
18,28 m 1988
300 000 € 200 000 €
18,28 m 1994-2004
350 000 € 200 000 €
SOLUNE 60 Open
18,28 m 2003
500 000 € 300 000 €
18,28 m 1997
450 000 € 260 000 €
18 Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Yacht Brokerage
Racing Index
15,24 m 1996
240 000 € 190 000 €
ATMOSPHERE Racing catamaran
15,28 m 1987
140 000 US$
15,50 m 2001
270 000 € 225 000 €
12,80 m 2008
500 000 €
15,24 m 1999
120 000 € 110 000 €
IAPUKA, ex Brannec 50 ft Open
15,24 m 1993
95 000 €
12,18 m 2009
250 000 €
12,18 m 2006
190 000 € 150 000 €
12,80 m 2008
Price upon request / offers welcome
12,18 m 2005/2006
190 000 € 150 000 €
11.99 m 2004
99 500 € 95 000 €
TAM TAM Pogo 40
12,18 m 2008
230 000 €
Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
Mwonwtpewllie.rb/FreanrcenlaMrodna-coglaPalrlisalyP.aclmoa dme Majorque l Moscow l Hong Kong BGYB has successfully developed its charter activity and today we have
a selection of some of the world’s most magnificent yachts for charter.
We have organised both private and corporate charters worldwide and we
offer our clients impeccable standards of professional and personal services.
Classic, contemporary, fast, tranquil, formal or friendly, the BGYB charter
team will find you the best fit for particular chartering requirements. Once
you have decided on the type of charter that you wish to experience, the
BGYB charter team will put all their efforts into finding the best yacht and
the best destination.
BGYB assets:
• identifying and understanding exact requirements,
• providing numerous choices,
• delivering the experience,
• suggesting cruising itineraries,
• Corporate Event/ Team Building.
West Mediterranean
- French Riviera
- Corsica & Sardinia
- Italian Riviera
- Sicily
- Aeolian Islands
- Balearic Islands
East Mediterranean
- Greece
- Croatia
- Venice
- Turkey
- Leeward Islands
- Les Antilles
- Windward Islands
- Venezuela
- Panama
Indian Ocean
- Maldives
- Seychelles
Pacific Ocean
- Polynesia
- Galapagos Islands
- New Zealand
Other Destinations
- Scandinavia
- South East Asia
- South America
Photo Éric Pinel
20 Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Yacht Brokerage
Take to the water: luxury yacht charter with Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage.
One doesn’t have to own a yacht to experience its comfort and indulge in luxury…
Step 1:
Creating the perfect charter
Step 2:
Planning your charter with
your Charter Broker
Step 3:
Finalising your charter
It is true to say that certain things in life require careful consideration;
chartering a yacht is no exception. It deserves a great
deal of planning ahead so that every aspect of your charter is
tuned to perfection. Whether it is yacht availability or destination
popularity, certain factors must be considered in advance to
guarantee your satisfaction. It is advisable to book several months
in advance to avoid disappointment.
Once you have decided on the
type of charter that you wish to
experience, the BGYB charter
team will put all their efforts into
finding the right yacht and the
right destination.
As Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) members,
the BGYB charter team work under the following terms and
The charter fee includes the charter of the yacht with its crew,
fully equipped and fully insured. The Charterer will be charged
for all other expenses such as fuel, berthing costs and harbour
charges, food and beverages and any other special services that
you may request. In order to cover these costs we will require
an advanced provisioning allowance (APA) which is 20% – 30%
of the charter fee. This is given
to the yacht captain prior to the
charter to allow for provi sioning
of the yacht in preparation for the
charter. At the end of the charter
(and during if requested) the
captain will produce full accounts of all expenditure either with
a refund of monies not spent or a request for payment if the APA
was exceeded.
Chartering a yacht is an effortless experience. For our clients, all
that is required is an indication of their hopes and desires; the
BGYB charter team will do the rest. Within the first step of
chartering a yacht there are the following factors to consider:
Who is the charter for?
Charters evidently come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is
personal or corporate, all that needs to be decided is the number
of guests you wish to have on board and how many cabins are
required for your luxury accommodation.
Where and when to go?
Decide on the time of year and the type of surroundings you
desire and we will match your requirements up to the best
conditions and areas for that season.
To sail or motor?
Whatever your preference, there is always a yacht that will
guarantee your satisfaction, whether it is under sail or cruising
with a motor.
What activities to do?
If it is long trips on shore discovering new places, cruising around
undiscovered islands and coves or diving several metres below
the water’s surface, the activities on board are your choice.
Energetic or leisurely, all guests can be entertained by the specific
activities that they wish for.
On board preferences?
Atmosphere on board is important, which is why everything is
tailormade for our clients. From entertainment and music to
culinary choices, all aspects are catered for. As well as your dietary
requests, the crew will ensure that your favourite foods and
wines are on board and prepared exactly to your demands. If
restaurants are desired, then your reservations will be awaiting
you ashore. Not forgetting how you shall arrive, your transfer on
board by air or road is dutifully considered also.
Forget jets; disregard cars; the ultimate in luxury travel
still rests on the bows of the ocean bound yacht. For
many years, numerous guests have been invited on board
vessels of all types and sizes, voyaging to new and
undiscovered places whilst being expertly tended to by a
dedicated crew.
In fact, things are little different in today’s charter market,
except for the options and endless possibilites that are
offered to potential clients. It is this accessibility to so many
countries and different regions of the world that begs one
to experience the delights of chartering a yacht; whether it
be for a day, a week or even several months.
A transatlantic crossing from Ibiza to New York? Eight days
vigorous regatta racing in St-Tropez? A week long jaunt
along the West Mexican coast? Perhaps a cocktail party
in Paris? Even intrepid explorers can be catered for with
expeditions to Patagonia. It is these extravagant oppor -
tunities that make chartering a yacht the ‘be all and end all’
of a discerning traveller –once you have, visited the places
that exude exoticity, explored new horizons, or even simply
basked in the yacht’s comfort – a plane, a train or a car just
aren’t quite the same.
by courtesy of Perini Navi

Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
Type: Fast cruising catamaran 82’
Builder: Multiplast (France)
Naval Architect: Gilles Ollier
Length: 25 m
Guests: 8 – Crew: 4
Charter area: Polynesia
Charter Rate: 37 500 € per week
plus expenses (MYBA Terms)
MAGIC CAT is now berthed and available for charter in Polynesia for the whole 2010 summer
season. This is a fantastic new BGYB opportunity and not to be missed. Not only is she a superb
yacht, but with her diligent new crew and fantastic new destinations it really is a fantastic offer.
A Unique Vessel: new Interior Design
MAGIC CAT is one of the fastest cruising yachts in the world and furthermore you can charter her
in total comfort and perfect safety. Her interior has just been re-designed by Franck Darnet Design.
She is in immaculate condition after a major refit in 2007 and 2009. She has been fantastically
well maintained by an experienced captain and his new crew.
A Friendly, Experienced and Professional Crew
We are happy as well to announce her new crew on board: Captain Bruno Mabire and Chef
Susanna “Suzu” Jokkala (Cordon Bleu Qualified). Here are a few examples of charter broker
comments: “friendly smiles and warm welcome on board”; “professionalism and vast yachting
experience”, “an excellent team, who will provide you everything that you could wish for”.
French Polynesia Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Huahine Island is one of the first places to discover in French Polynesia. It is 2 islands
(Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti) that are connected by a bridge. It is known to be the most
relaxing and also the most beautiful place to discover.
Day 2: Raiatea Island is a simple island full of lush scenery. You can really discover
your adventurous side and explore the secluded island.
Day 3: Taha Island is the sister island of Raiatea. You can really take in the beauty of French
Polynesia here and relax.
Day 4: Bora Bora Island is one of the most popular places to visit in the South Pacific: amazing
snorkeling, scenery, gastronomy and atmosphere.
Day 5: Mooera Island is another very popular destination in French Polynesia with stunning
natural beauty. There are mountains, beaches and clear blue waters that you can explore.
Day 6: Papeete Island is the largest island in French Polynesia with much glamour.
You can finish you charter holiday here by shopping, eating delicious food and once again,
taking in the unparalled beauty of French Polynesia.
A Great Destination: South Pacific
The Islands in the South Pacific are some of the most unspoilt and most
beautiful locations in the whole world. From Fiji, to French Polynesia
to the Cook Islands: every island you visit will be a hub of tranquility
and beauty. BGYB Charter holidays will take you to some of the most
exclusive islands where you can snorkel amongst tropical fish, sunbathe
on unspoilt, white beaches next to gloriously transparent seas and
you can explore some of the volcanic islands.
All of these islands are right in the middle of the South Pacific: far
away from any form of Western Civilisation. They are the epitome of
“desert islands” where you can truly escape from the world. They
are also some of the only islands in the world where you can enjoy
the untouched wildlife.
As there are so many stunning places to visit in the South Pacific,
below are some suggested itineraries for our clients which would
allow them to see the best of the South Pacific.
MAGIC CAT, now berthed in Polynesia
Photos Éric Pinel

Yacht Comments: There are very few large yachts remaining today that echo the traditional grandeur
of travel and offer such worldwide seagoing capability as that of the Sanssouci Star. Spacious
enough to accommodate 12 passengers and yet able to make the journey intimate and enjoyable,
the SANSSOUCI STAR provides a perfect balance for both relaxation and activities whether it is
in Port or at Sea.
Destination: An ideal itinerary can start you out in Venice, Italy’s alluring
temptress on the sea, abundant with culture, cuisine and classic beauty.
From Venice, Sanssouci will cruise to Pula on the southern tip of Croatia’s
Istria peninsula. The city has a celebrated tradition of winemaking, fishing
and shipbuilding. From Pula you can visit Cres, a sparkling island floating
in the Adriatic Sea, before docking in the charming seaside city of Zadar.
Bernard Gallay suggests moving on to Split, one of Croatia’s largest and
oldest seaside cities. With a labyrinthine network of cobblestone streets
in the old city marked with Roman walls, squares and temples, Split is a
charming port town that will win you over immediately. On leaving Split,
guests can finish off their yacht charter expedition and head to Korcula’s
dreamy beaches before arriving in Dubrovnik.”
Worldwide Adventures
BGYB offers you the opportunity to spend months away at sea on a “long time charter” holiday on
VAIMITI. She is a fantastic yacht and you can spend your time feeling at home on this long time
charter. You can sail to all corners of the world, discovering and exploring islands and countries that
are simply stunning. Below is an example of a route that you can take:
Month 1 – Europe: From the artistically influential city of Venice, Italy, to the labyrinthine Dubrovnik,
to the volcanic Sicily and to the glamorous Principality of Monaco: your choice is endless.
Month 2 – Following Europe you can take an adventure and experience pure escapism in the
Atlantic Ocean. You can then visit the exotic Caribbean Islands for a tropical climate and island
hop from one paradise to another.
Month 3 – From the Caribbean you can travel through the Panama Canal, Mexico and sail across
to the Galapagos Islands. They are the world’s second largest Marine Reserve with only 4 inhabited
islands. There is so much to do on these islands from diving with sea lions, surfing, relaxing on the
beaches and seeing some of its rare and incredible wildlife.
Month 4 – Sailing from the Galapagos and accross to the South Pacific. The Islands here are some
of the most unspoilt and most beautiful locations in the whole world.
From Fiji, to French Polynesia and to the Cook Islands: every island you visit will be a heaven of
tranquillity and beauty.
Sailing Yacht: VAIMITI
Length: 39.20 m
Guests: 8 guests + 5 crew
Charter Rate on Application
Long Time Charter on board VAIMITI
Type: Motoryacht
Length: 53 m – Guests: 12 – Crew: 8
Rate: 65 000 € per week + all expenses
Venice-Dubrovnik on board SANSSOUCI STAR
 Venice – Pula: about 72 nm / 6 hour
 Pula – Mali Losinj: about 38 nm / 3 hour
 Mali Losinj – Zadar: about 80 nm / 7 hour
 Zadar – Split: about 145 nm /12 hour
 Split – Korcula: about 72 nm / 6 hour
 Korcula – Dubrovnik: about 47 nm / 4 hour
Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Glamourous Itinerary on board CRAZY TOO – Summer 2010
Comments: Majestic, the 108’ has rare versatility. A cruiser yacht or day cruiser,
it adapts to the inspiration of the day from its owner.
Whether it be at speeds in excess of 40 knots or at anchor, passengers
will be able to enjoy all the features.
Type: Mangusta 108
Length: 33 m
Guests: 8 cruising – Crew: 5
Charter Rate 2010: 80 000 € per week
+ expenses, MYBA Terms.
Also available for:
MIPIM 2010 GP Monaco 2010
Cannes Film Festival
The Route suggested:
Day 0: St Tropez;
Day 1: Cannes;
Day 2: Nice;
Day 3: Monaco;
Day 4: Calvi (West Corsica);
Day 5: Ajaccio (West Corsica);
Day 6: Porto Cervo (Sardinia);
Day 7: Cala di Volpe (Sardinia);
Day 8: Elba (East Corsica);
Day 9: French Riviera
Day10: Monaco
Dates: 2010 end of September
beginning of October
Sailing Yacht: Alix, Swan 90
Length: 27.71 m
Guests: 8 + 3 crew
Charter rate: 44 000 € per week + APA
Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez on board ALIX – Fall 2010
Comments: With over 300 seafarers and almost 300 modern and traditional sailing
boats, an endless amount of encounters and images are guaranteed to stay long in
your mind after this event. Festivities, entertainment, competition and dreams will once
again be the key ingredients for this unique event, held at an exceptional site.
Alix is a versatile high performance yacht with racing pedigree that combines superior
cruising capabilities with the inimitable style of a Nautor’s Swan, designed for comfort
and performance. The yacht was designed by German Frers and built by Nautor
Swan Finland in 2009. With her refined lines and sleek carbon hull, this high tech
racing boat is well suited for extended cruising.
Alix offers a spacious deck area with one cockpit which extends from the saloon
entrance back to the helm with no bridge deck. Her luxurious, spacious and stylish
main salon invite guests to socialize, sit, relax and enjoy a convivial drink. You will
find in the salon and the cabins a Bose A/V receiver & Sony TV connecting to an IPod
Apple Universal Dock. She is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, navigation
equipment and safety devices.The fully equipped kitchen will provide delicious meals
according to your personal tastes and dietary requirements. You will enjoy a culinary
delight which will make your holidays unforgettable.
24 Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Yacht Brokerage
Event: GP Monaco – Dates: 20-23 May 2010
Comments: Take advantage of the Monaco Grand Prix to get away from it all on a yacht for a day, a night or during the whole of the Grand
Prix. The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. Ideal package for PR Cocktail Event.
Event: Cannes Film Festival – Dates: 12-23 May 2010
Comments: Over the years, the Cannes Film Festival has built up its reputation based on the fine balance between the artistic quality of the
films it presents and its commercial impact. What better way to charm and impress your partners and clients than by chartering a luxury
yacht, anchored just a few metres from the Palais des Festivals. Providing you with luxury accommodation at the very heart of the Festival,
this yacht will also allow you to organise lavish private receptions and unforgettable cruises.
Comment: Built in 2007 by the highly esteemed GUY COUACH shipyard, LADY EMMA’s modern and
sleek lines are enhanced by her classic and timeless interior. The saloon and adjacent formal dining
areas are luminous and spacious, with immense windows giving a wonderful view and providing
both the sensation of space and coziness. Each of the four cabins are equipped with separate and
en-suite bathrooms and conceived in the same elegant and warm tones of the living area.
The yacht is designed to give the utmost privacy to guests. However, the most attractive part of the
yacht is her extremely large fly area, measuring 58m2 with a jacuzzi, forward sunbathing area,
two large aft sunpads and a lunch dining area
Galápagos Charters
Special Events on board LADY EMMA – Spring 2010
Motor Yacht: LADY EMMA,
Guy Couach Fly 3300
Guests: 8 cruising/12 sleeping – Crew: 5
Charter rate: Low season: 70 000 €/week
High season: 84 000 €/week
Or 10 000 €/day
JOURNEY I, Length: 27 m
Guests: 16 guests
Charter Rates: 64 800 US$/week
ALTA, Length: 42 m
Guests: 16 guests
Charter Rates: 69 000 US$/week
NINA, Length: 31 m
Guests: 16 guests
Charter Rates: 65 950 US$/week
59 950 US$/week
Naturalist, Active and Family Cruise Itinerary
Day 1: Meet your bilingual guide at Baltra Island. Explore Las Bachas beach and encounter exotic wildlife..
Snorkel in the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy cocktails and dinner with the crew.
Day 2: Head towards the Plazas Island and discover the colourful wildlife, particularly the sea lions and
iguanas. Continue to Santa Fe Island and marvel at the giant cacti and land tortoises. Finish the day by
swimming with the playful sealife.
Day 3: Continue onto Espanola where animals reign supreme. Gaze at the blue footed boobies that nest and
if lucky watch their infamous dance. Pass by the giant blowhole of El Soplador and head onto Garner Bay,
a great place for snorkeling and sunbathing.
Day 4: Continue to Floreana. Discover the flamingos of Punta Cormorant and the turtles of Carolina Beach.
Swim with white-tipped sharks in the sub-marine crater of La Corona del Diablo. Finish off with lunch in the
Post Office Bay.
Day 5: Move onto Santa Cruz Island and see the island’s rare land tortoises. Also visit the beautiful town of
Puerto Ayora and indulge in a bit of shopping. From Charles Darwin Station, take a bus to the airport for departure.
Day 6: Wake-up on the breath-taking Island of Rabida and discover the island’s exotic bird life. After lunch
head to Egas Port of Santiago Island and watch the nearly extinct fur seals.
Day 7: Our second day on Santiago Island takes us to Sullivan Bay.
Encounter penguins and other arctic and tropical creatures. After lunch,
sail to the actively volcanic Bartolome Island and snorkel in the sea or climb
to the breath-taking island’s summit. Reunite on the boat for good-bye
cocktails and dinner.
Day 8: Our last stop takes us to North Seymour Island, where you will witness
the striking courtship of the frigatebird. After, sail back to Baltra to disembark.
Cruising the Galapagos Islands is the best way
to see this Unesco World Heritage Site. These
Galapagos yachts and boats can be chartered
on a crewed basis. Bare boat charter is not
possible. As the Galapagos cruises are tightly
controlled, there is much demand and so charter
reservations must be made well in advance.
O t h e r y a c h t s a v a i l a b l e o n o u r w e b s i t e

Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
Charter Motor Yacht Index
RM ELEGANT 72.48 m
30/31 Caribbean
65 000 €/day
26-28/24-27 East Mediterranean
50 000 €/day
Name: MY ALYSIA Length: 85.30 m
Guest/Crew: 36/32 Area:West Mediterranean
Rate: 696 500 €/week
MY BLISS 44.17 m
10/9 East & West Mediterranean
160 000 €/week
12/8 Mediterranean
65 000 €/week
12/14 Northern Europe, Arctic
100 000 €/week
10-12/6-7 West Mediterranean
70 000 – 77 000 €/week
8/5 West Mediterranean
80 000 € /Week
8/4 South of France
70 000 – 84 000 € /Week
MY CRAZY TOO 33.00 m
8/5 West Mediterranean
80 000 €/week
MY ANTISAN 33.00 m
11-40/6 West Mediterranean
63 000 €/week
MY LEPANTE 33.00 m
10/4 West Mediterranean
45 000 €/week
9/4 West Mediterranean
35 000 €/week
MY LARMERA 27.00 m
8/4 South of France
48 000 €/week
MY MABRUK II 27.00 m
8/2-4 West Mediterranean
42 000 €/week
Yacht Brokerage

Charter Sailing Yacht Index
PIXELION 19,54 m
7/2 West Mediterranean
18 000 €/week
GENIE 24 m
12/3 West Mediterranean
30 000 €/week
Catamaran OCEAN’S SEVEN 17.82 m
8/2 Mediterranean
17 000 – 20 000 €/week
by courtesy of Perini Navi
12/9 West Mediterranean – Caribbean
200 000 US$/week
11/10 South East Asia, South Pacific
170 000 € /week
SY PERSEUS 49.80 m
by courtesy of Perini Navi
10/9 South Pacific, Australia
175 000 US$/week
SY ANTARA 46.00 m
by courtesy of Perini Navi
12/8 West Mediterranean – Caribbean
80 000 – 99 000 €/week
10/7 West Mediterranean
45 000 – 55 000 €/week
SY VAIMITI 39.20 m
10/5 Caribbean & Mediterranean
63 000 – 68 000 US$/week
SY AXIA 37.50 m
by courtesy of Perini Navi
6/6 West Mediterranean – Caribbean
55 000 – 65 000 US$/week
6/5 South Pacific
60 000 US$/week
6/6 West Mediterranean
45 000 €/week
Catamaran ETOILE MAGIQUE 24.60 m
16/3 Caribbean & Mediterranean
17 300 €/week
SY BUZZY B 27.50 m
8/4 South of France
26 000 € /Week
CatamaranMAGIC CAT 25.00 m
8/4 French Polynesia
37 500 € /Week
Also specialised in Transoceanic charter
For the fourth consecutive year, the Antibes Yacht Show
heralds the start of the yachting season in the Mediterranean.
This spectacular key event will take place in the largest
pleasure harbour in Europe, Antibes from the 8th to the 11th
of April 2010.
It is the only Brokerage and Charter Show in the Mediterra -
nean before the yachting season.
With over one kilometre of quay, the show stretches from
The Ramparts at the foot of the town along the Bastion Saint-
Jaume to the famous Millionaires Quay. Visitors will be able
to admire a wide range of beautiful yachts for sale or charter
measuring up to 60m; as well as a variety of exhibitors of all
different yachting sectors. In 2009, the amount of visitors
grew and, some 12 000 yachting lovers came to the show.
We will be pleased to present the BALTIC 78 Custom “LUPA OF LONDON”.
Built to combine the ultimate in luxury and performance, LUPA OF LONDON
offers all the comforts for cruising in a high tech package, built for speed.
Made of advanced high technology materials and methods in order to reduce
weight and enhance performance, LUPA OF LONDON boasts a canting keel to
improve sailing stability, allowing the yacht to sail more upright and being
more peaceful for the guests.
Her flush deck and sleek lines will excite the most moderate of sailor, yet
performance will excite the most qualified.
She is the ideal boat to combine enjoyable cruising and exciting racing events
such as St-Barth Bucket or Voiles de Saint-Tropez regattas.
Design and new constuction
Rigour & Sharing Experiences
Our Commitment & Service:
BGYB has a team of expert professionals who can assist
the owner throughout the entire construction process.
We work with the best shipyards, naval architects,
designers and we ensure optimal control over new
construction and refit projects.
We can provide assistance every step of the way, guiding
and handling every aspect from design to delivery:
• Yacht design, specification, cost estimation,
• Pre-selection of yards: construction quality,
financial controls,
• Negotiation of building contracts,
• Construction supervision,
• Certification and registration.
Refit & Project Management
When you want your yacht refitted – BGYB will
ensure that you get exactly what you want,
within your budget and with the highest quality
of service. Below is a brief explanation of the
process of a refit with BGYB:
1. Preliminary Phrase
• Discuss owner’s expectations during the
preliminary meetings
• Select designers
• Discuss the specifications of the boat and
complete the documents which will lead
to the refit
• Verify the budget and the plans of the refit
2. During the refit
• Represent and defend the owner’s
interests to the builder, architects and
cases that fall to subcontracts
• Confirm that the refitting of the boat
conforms with the specifications and the
• Ensure the quality of the refit
• Help advise the owner with his/her choices
• Establish a bi-monthly report, sharing the
information regarding the advancement
of the work, decisions to be carried out
and the management of “change order”
BGYB’s Qualities
• Yachting Experience
• Experience with the building of nautical
• Interpersonal relationship and Analytical
• Professional Independence
Montpellier/France l La Ciotat l Monaco l Paris l Palma, Majorca l Cowes l Moscow l Hong Kong
Nahema, 120ft catamaran Hortense, 90ft Motor / Sailor Trimaran 60ft Racing/Cruising
Yacht Brokerage
Bernard GALLAY – CEO – +33 (0)6 86 67 80 24 – bernard.gallay@bernard-gallay.com
• Founded the company in 1994
• MYBA Member since 1996
• A professional rugby player and experienced skipper: participated
in 2 Vendée Globe in 1992 & 2000, single handed sailing race
around the world without help or stopovers
• America’s Cup in 1986/1987
• 12 Transatlantic races from 1981 to 2005
Bruno GALLIEN – Broker – +33 (0)6 82 11 96 00
• Yacht broker with BGYB for 11 years
• Small Yacht Management
• Refit project Management
• Experienced yacht skipper
Nicolas MARCHAND – Broker – +33 (0)6 83 47 01 96
• Yacht broker with BGYB for 4 years • Professional consultant
• Participated in the Mini Transat, single handed transatlantic
race in 2005 and in the Jacques Vabre transatlantic race in 2007
• Sailor in various regattas such as the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup
and the Giraglia
Lisa SPILLER – Charter and Management Director
+33 (0)6 33 42 45 09 – lisa.spiller@bernard-gallay.com
• In charge of charter development and marketing
with BGYB for 3 years
• MBA in International Business
International Marketing-Management Specialisation
• Yachting experience through family shipyard
Emily CORFIELD – Brokerage assistant
+33 (0)4 67 66 39 93 – assistant@bernard-gallay.com
• Brokerage Assistant for Head Office, Montpellier:
• Manages the listings, specifications and viewings.
• BGYB representative in Moscow for over two years
• Over all – 3 Round the world campaigns as a Project Manager and PR officer
• 5 transatlantic crossings on board Open 60, Open 85 yachts and 100 ft catamaran
• RYA Yacht Master Offshore
 Montpellier, Head Office (France)
 Moscow – Oscar KONYUKHOV – Russian Representative, +7 910 477 09 70 – russia@bernard-gallay.com
• BGYB representative in Palma for two years
• With over 26 years of sail and motor yacht navigation experience
• Project Manager and Captain of MY 145ft Abeeking & Rasmussen NOLOSE for 8 years
• Consulting in Yacht Sales – New construction – Refit
 Palma de Mallorca – Jean-Yves CANDLOT – Palma Representative, +34 619 05 64 19 – palma@bernard-gallay.com
• Has spent 25 years sailing the open seas on racing boats, with crews or single hand, in monohulls and
multihulls, taking in Fastnet to Cape Horn, the Bermuda islands, the Route du Rhum and Monaco-New
York as well as the Ostar, the Twostar and the Round Britain races
• Project Manager for a number of years
 Paris – François Boucher – New Paris Representative, +33 (0)6 82 83 19 21 – paris@bernard-gallay.com
Precursor of extreme sailing records with:
• 1990: New York – San Francisco, first single hand
record by the Horn in a multihull
• 1991: First record – Hong-Kong – London (La Route
du Thé), single hand record in a multihull
• 1998: 6th in the Route du Rhum in a monohull.
• 2000: Non-stop round-the-world ‘the wrong way’
(East to West) record on Uunet
• 2001-2005 ORMA circuit
• For the last 4 years, he has managed the Roxy sailing
yacht with his Posseidon team for the Vendée Globe
• Yacht contruction consultant
• His extremely wide ranging experience and expertise
are hard to match in the sector
 Monaco – Philippe MONNET – Monaco Representative, +33 609 01 97 84 – monaco@bernard-gallay.com
• Member of French America’s Cup campaign
• Service manager for Simpson Marine in HK
• Team Manager for Catamaran CLUBMED, winner of
The Race around the world
• Team Manager of AMER SPORT One & Two, 2nd and 8th in the Volvo
Ocean Race
• Construction Management of CORTENZO 26M in China at DHS shipyard
• 2004-2007 Team Manager and in charge of all the operation in China
for China Team for the 32 America’s Cup
 Hong-Kong – Thierry Barot – Hong-Kong Representative, +852 9549 5135 – asia@bernard-gallay.com
• Extensively well known and experienced Technical, Fleet, Shore &
Project Manager with companies such as Nahema, Compositeworks
France, CIM shipyard and several Turkish shipyards
• Worked on projects including the Class America Areva Challenge, the
Maxi One Design & the Alinghi Swiss America’s Cup challenge
• Skipper on several charter yachts for 6 years in the Mediterranean
and the Caribbean
 La Ciotat – Stéphane Della – La Ciotat Representative, +33 (0)6 82 79 08 61 – la.ciotat@bernard-gallay.com
BERNARD GALLAY Yacht Brokerage
France (Head Office): Montpellier – Tel +33 467 66 39 93
1, rue Barthez – 34000 Montpellier
Press Contact:
ATHLETICA – Annick Averinos
+33 (0)1 42 55 77 91 / +33 (0)6 12 56 71 46

Design: bruno.duret@tangage.net

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