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News: Besenzoni Automatic Sliding Doors

March 24, 2010 by Yacht Supplies
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Besenzoni, the Italian company has something new to offer the yacht industry this year with the innovative glass having lateral sliding automatic door. Besenzoni is constantly on the move to create something extraordinary. And this time, this addition to their existing product portfolio is the glass which is built to have complete automatic movement. The hydraulic system of the glass manages the opening and closing and the lateral sliding movement of the door. Moreover, unlike other glasses, installing it at the side wall is not a mammoth task. In no time, it can be set up even for the refits on yachts, which are not accustomed to this type of structure.

As the doors can be tailor-made, they offer flexibility to have either flat or curves surfaces. For closed arrangement, it is built with features of waterproof and complete integration because it is on the equal level of the yacht’s side wall. On the other hand for open arrangements, it requires a few centimeters on the walkway, making it a secure and easier passage for everyone. When there is power failure, glasses can be manually opened with no difficulty.

The panels are positioned on a powder painted aluminum frame and are accessible in glass or in a blend of glass and fiber-glass. However, it is through the two transparent sliding panels that one can relish the panoramic scene of outside.

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