News: Blue Cruise Deals Still On During Easter

April 15, 2019 by guletcharterblog

Easter is one of the nicest time of the year. The best part can be chocolates and candies. But many of the Christians start with celebration a night before with church services and besides that, there are some common traditions like; Easter Eggs hunt that includes finding eggs hidden by Easter bunny.

For this time of the year, churches are often decorated with flowers. The main theme for Easter is a rebirth, and so flowers can imitate this tradition. Especially some flowers are just perfect choice for that such as narcissuses, red tulips, willows, daffodils to symbolize religious tradition properly.
Like many other pagan traditions, it is to symbolize and to celebrate the fertility of Spring and rebirth.
A most wanted and popular gift is certainly chocolate covered bunny in all size, it is never too big enough for the huge smile of a kid. The race is starts and kids go around with their baskets and try to find hidden eggs.

Egg hunt contains candy or other prizes. Decorated hard-boiled eggs very common to be used. Kids will go around and look for eggs. Painted and decorated eggs are prepared a day before Easter by families. Decorated eggs also part of the tradition during the fasting period in Medieval Europe.

During Easter there some nice deals for you still available. Instead of chocolate covered bunny treat yourself with nice gulet or yacht cruise this summer. For deals, you can always consult with your agent.
For Easter almost all countries having their own fun and interesting traditions. For instance, in Germany, there are Easter Egg Trees because they set the eggs in the trees like a fancy looking Christmas Tree.
As a pagan celebration, it is typically part of fertility. Even it is named after the Germanic goddess of fertility, Eostre. Some cultures called it as Ishtar, and some celebrate the resurrection of the Tammuz which is another pagan god. In Cyprus bonfires on the yard is a must. In the UK it is rolling eggs downhill and there should be observers for sure. In Jamaica, people eat spiced cheese bread buns, and so on. In Greece is a very important holiday season, in Corfu island, people toss water pots outside of a window. The baking dove-shaped cake is also another tradition and it’s named as kolompines. Why not you should not create your own Easter tradition by booking your next yacht charter with a hot deal.

The Easter Bunny is a consequence of folkloric custom. Easter Bunny tradition had been brought up to America by Germans in the 1700s.
This Easter make a change. Do yourself a favor and reward your hard work all year long with a nice and sweet holiday such as boat charter. Probably will be more satisfying than giant chocolate covered bunny. You may think April is still quite early for the blue voyage holiday but there are some alternatives. Early booking advantages are still on for some period. Just contact with you charter agent and they will set it all for you.

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