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News: Bray Yacht Design and Research Presents a New 42 m Design Yacht

October 25, 2009 by Superyacht Design
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BRAY YACHT DESIGN AND RESEARCH a company comprising of Naval Architects, Project Managers, Interior Designers, and Marine Consultants, who provide services to private individuals, companies, organizations, and governments engaged in marine transportation, ocean engineering, pleasure craft, and projects related to the marine environment. The company boasts its expertise of conceptual, preliminary, and complete designs from lines, model testing, construction drawings, presentation profiles, sections, rigging and shafting drawings, specification books, costing out, shop flow charts, and project management, including the conversion of existing equipment.

Bray Yacht Design and Research recently launched a new 42 m superyacht concept, which provides utmost fuel efficiency with its semi displacement hull form created by Ken Freivokh. The unique design of the hull form has been made by Bray Yacht Design and Research and has also under gone extensively tank tests to deliver superior performance and power. The hull of the yacht is conically projected and is provided with a double chin with wide spray knocker and flared bow. Moreover, it is longitudinally framed for maximum strength and ease of construction.

Apart from this, the 42 meter yacht comprises of some highly technological features such as bulbous bow, midship bulbs, stern bulbs, fixed/ active stabilizers and a bi-foil under each Control pitch propeller. All these features would provide the yacht with two things – a fuel economy stated to be more than 35% of comparative vessels and excellent performance with double the range of stability of conventional vehicles. The yacht will have a cruise speed of 14 knots with additional speed provided by the semi-displacement hull.

Bray Yacht Design

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