News: Cafiero New 36m Motor Yacht BLUNT 118

December 9, 2011 by lucy
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Cafiero luxury yacht Blunt 118 was carefully studied and restudied, from the hull to the sun’s cuttings, from the design of the furniture to the layout of the cabins, in order to have an uniform image of this exactly 36.14m stunning yacht, with a width of 7.47 and two decks over the fly.

Innovation and tradition in equal measure convey in a yacht for long trips in sea:

• the line of hull is extremely pushed forward and in the plant is very long and slender
• bow totally open and for complete relax covered with cushions, it’s unusual for a yacht of this size, but allows to see unsurpassed views also thanks to higher share than the main deck
• comfortable side decks protected by high broadsides and at aft also semi-transparent in dark polycarbonate3 bands leaned on the hull of different widths achievable even totally covered with photovoltaic cells
• cutting on the hull in correspondence of the sections above mentioned and beyond at aft also it partly in dark semi-transparent polycarbonate absolutely unique and innovative
• large sundeck leaned on aft peak
• direct access from the beach to the engine room and compartments for inflatables
• semi-transparent green wings in polycarbonate to protect the beach
• long and continuous cuttings on the broadsides from stern to bow to mark clearly the boat
• at top fly frame with burgundy structure with visible uprights and hold satellite at aft, roller blind semi-transparent, console driving to bow with two sessions well aggregated with the stuffed carpet, semi-transparent glass side protection
• dining and living area covered in part by the fly and in part by the dark bands
• white deckhouse on the underside and totally in glass at top with visible uprights in order to mark and fully characterize it
• large glass with sliding door for access to the interior
• internal area divided in two by the dark semi-transparent glass staircase that rises to the fly and “prolonged” becomes a mobile booth full-length that if necessary flows in the back of the library
• at entry a snack bar and bench with spiral staircase for independent access to the crew
• passed the booth, relax area and wide dining area, to left independent spiral staircase to owner cabin, just along always to left staircase to access to other cabins, at the bottom a spacious reserved living area, while at right from stern to bow separated kitchen, bathroom and driving console
• interior divided in three large areas, in part communicating: 15 beds, including 3 to the crew for a total of 8 cabins, 7 bathrooms and kitchen and living area for the crew, all with enviable height
• direct access from the beach passing through the engine room or from an independent scale for sailors: both accesses lead to the living area and kitchen which get to the cabin of the two sailors with private bathroom from
• cabin with private bathroom at bow for captain which accesses by hatch to
• independent staircase for the owner that directly leads in his large cabin with bathroom, sitting area and dual walk-in-closet with possible access to kitchen
• access via another staircase to other cabins which it comes in a living room from and through a hallway leads to 3 cabins with bathrooms, two doubles and a twin; going up a step, then you get two other cabins which a single with shared bathroom and dressing room and the other bedroom with separate bathroom of
• garage at aft for three water motor and two yacht tenders.

The final effect of the Cafiero super yacht Blunt 118 is certainly strong and successful.

I found much more photos of this beautiful yacht here:

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