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News: Cathelco’s Box Cooler Anti-fouling System

January 4, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Cathelco is the world leader in Seawater Pipework Anti Fouling and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems (ICCP). The company has done more than 20,000 installations of Cathodic Protection and Anti Fouling systems on all types of vessels including container carriers, ferries, cruise ships, tankers, FPSOs, tugs, frigates, destroyers, fast patrol craft, luxury yachts and offshore structures.

Cathelco have developed a new box cooler anti-fouling system using an anode which is mounted horizontally beneath the cooling tubes with cathode plates on either side providing a more even distribution of ions.

This is an important advance on original box cooler installations where the anode was inserted through the seachest plate. The mounting unit is manufactured by the yard and should be left as unpainted bare steel after installation. A cable exit boss is supplied by Cathelco with double watertight cable glands to produce an effective seal.

Thus the new box cooler provides the following advantages:

• More even distribution of copper ions along length of box cooler.
• Anode mounted in seachest and totally submerged.
• Mounting unit supplied by yard.

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