Yacht: Ccyd 164

April 19, 2009 by yachtlover
LOA: 50.0 m (164.0')
Year: 2007
Guests: 6
Crew: 4
Country Built: Italy
Naval Architect: Ron Holland Design
Yacht Class: Sailing

Sailing Yacht Ccyd 164

Sailing Yacht Ccyd 164 (if no photo above are you able to add an image) was launched in by Struzione E Charter Diporto (Ccyd) in the year 2007 and the luxury yacht is approximately 50m (164 feet) total length. This boat was made in Italy. Ron Holland Design was the professional involved in creating her naval architecture.

Ccyd 164 Performance + Other Specifications

Ccyd 164 Accommodation
Ccyd 164 was designed with accommodation for a maximum number of 6 guests. The yacht is also capable of holding the max number of 4 crew to facilitate a peaceful luxury yacht vacation feel.

More Info On This Sailing Yacht

Ccyd 164 Yacht Charter
Communicate with a recommended reputable yacht charter broker for advice for chartering Ccyd 164, and for ascertaining if she is offered for yacht charters. Similarly, also talk to a yacht sales broker to know if Ccyd 164 is currently for sale to purchase and the sales price.

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