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News: Christian Grande designed ACAPULCO 55 Yacht Concept

February 25, 2013 by Alex Lever
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The hull’s black coloring amidships underlines the sportive nature of the Acapulco 55 yacht, and clearly evokes race cars’ dynamic styling. The automotive DNA also emerges from the clean yet refined structure, free from all superfluous elements, a vow to aerodynamics. The bow anchors are completely hidden behind special flush housings, keeping the freeboard clean and aerodynamic.

The upper and lower decks are harmoniously joined, thanks to the vertical element that merges into the deck as it moves aft. The navigation area elements are free standing: no contact with the foredeck allows for an originally shaped panoramic window.

The rectangular windows in the hull stray slightly from the luxury yacht Acapulco 55 concept’s geometry, a no compromise solution to favor light in the below-deck cabins, while the portholes respectfully adhere to maritime tradition.

Surely another innovative and unusual stylistic solution is the passage from the main deck to the sun deck. A rigid black skeleton is surrounded by leather-like soft white skin, a tribute to last century’s ships with their huge funnels. This area leads to the sun deck, conceived as an attic terrace, with a bar and shower to help in relaxed sun bathing.

The foredeck space is conceived of in a very different manner than is usual on traditional yachts. The deck is completely unencumbered to provide high levels of freedom of movement, turning it into a recreational space and the center of social life on board with a very friendly atmosphere, like sitting around a fireplace in a beautiful villa. In addition, the presence of a swimming pool makes the foredeck perfect for fun away from prying eyes.

The below-deck environments are richly finished and created to be shared. The twin staircase suggests spatial complexity for the areas that lead to the owner’s cabin. Each detail has been lavishly finished to provide maximum visual impact. The many faceted color and material contrasts, dark shiny surfaces alternating with clear matte elm flooring, passing through the intermediate bronze toned ceiling, combine to move light at different speeds. The round fittings and handles allude to old steamer trunks and give a long voyage feel.

Technical Specifications of the Acapulco 55 yacht concept by Christian Grande

Length Over All: 56 m
Beam: 10 m
Drive: Hydrojet
Propulsion: Proposal A – (2 x 2400 cv) + (1 x 4000 cv)
Proposal B – 3 x 2600 cv
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Maximum speed: 32 knots

Who is Christian Grande
Christian Grande is one of the youngest Italian yacht designers present in the international shortlists. Christian Grande began creating new boats in 1992 for Sessa Marine, a historic fifty year old nautical company, a “Made in Italy” standard bearer. This collaboration has lead to over fifty yacht designs and more than fifteen international awards. Christian Grande has also collaborated with the Sacs and Sanlorenzo brands.

Recommended Motor Yacht Award under 60 feet, with Sessa Marine – China, Xiamen 2012
Motor Boat of the Year 2012 Award, with Sessa Marine – Italy, 2012
Born Designer 2012 – France, Courchevel 2012
Best Sport Yacht Design of 2011- under 24 mt length with Sessa Marine – France, Cannes 2011
Innovation Award 2011 with car seats KIWY (model SPF1) – Germania, Colonia 2011
Laboratorio Parma Award 2011 – Italy 2011
Motor Boat of the Year 2010 Awards with Sessa Marine – United Kingdom, London 2010
Best Motoryacht Design of 2009 under 24 mt length con Sessa Marine – France, Cannes 2009
Croatian Boat of the Year 2008 with Sessa Marine – Croatia, Port Rose 2008
Best Boat of the Year Award con Sessa Marine – Usa, Miami 2008
Motor Boat of the Year 2008 Award – United Kingdom, London 2008
Practical Parenting 2007/2008 – Winner with car seat MY WAY – United Kingdom, London 2008
European Boat of the Year 2007 – Germany, Dusseldorf 2007
Millennium Yacht Design Awards – Special Mention – Italy, Carrara 2006
Practical Parenting 2005/2006 – Best Buy – United Kingdom, London 2006
Yacht European Trophy, 50/60 ft Open – France, Cannes 2005

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