News: Claydon Reeves’ new superyacht METEORA concept designed for Pendennis

November 7, 2013 by black
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Many modern yachts are described as being inspired by a particular car, yet all too often the design is too literal, attempting to resemble a four-wheeled object too closely. Instead Claydon Reeves have tried to distill the elements of design that signify ‘muscle car’ and apply the underlying philosophy to their Meteora yacht design.

Key features of luxury yacht Meteora concept include a single windscreen to keep the overall profile low and sleek, a long foredeck – or bonnet – and a strong shoulder line around the bridge deck glass. Claydon Reeves have treated the external hull and superstructure with a taut and sinous surfacing language, as if stretched over a muscular frame beneath. Strong concave feature lines create bold highlights and shadows. The main hull windows are subtly domed to provide further interest when the light hits them, whilst the bridge deck aft glass is reverse raked for added drama.

Beneath this poised exterior lies an intuitive interior layout, fully customizable by a new owner.

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