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June 16, 2009 by luxurycatamaran
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This is a concept I would really love to see become true. Code [e] has been designed by the Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design team. At each stage of the design process they thought about the best solutions to built a catamaran respecting mother nature. The have integrated the environnement both in the technical aspects of the design and in the interior and the exterior design of Code [e].

For exemple the roof is multi-functional. It host 40 m² of solar panels, two vertical and retractable silent wind turbines, a hot water system heated by the sun and a rain capture system. Air vents are located under the platform. The air is distributed inside the boat through a smart distribution system. Of course other technical systems are used such as Hydro Electric generators, a hybrid propulsion system, Led Lightings, Electric Load shedding system and Lithium-ion batteries.

The exterior design is sleek and non-aggressive.

The interior design is optimized to be open on sea views. The owner suite open on a terrace overlooking the sea. The salon and dining areas are surrounded by wide windows protected from the sun by the roof and special windows screens, daylights penetrate into the two hulls thanks to a line of hatches fitted flush to the deck. And finally at mast foot is located an observation station, facing out the sea, which houses magazines and book about nature, touch screen computer linked to the web, and comfortable sofas to discuss the environment with family and friends.

Truely, Code [e] was designed to live in symbiosis with mother nature

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  1. Yacht Designer

    Yacht Designer on June 16, 2009

    It’s interesting when designers start to utilise previously ‘wasted’ areas like the roof. On a catamaran often the roof area is quite large and this design is an intelligent way to integrate energy creation and conservation in a yacht. Energy efficiency is the future and luxury catamarans are ideal to ahieve this. Well done Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design team!

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