News: Columbus Sport Hybrid 40M superyacht makes her debut at MYS 2013

October 3, 2013 by lucy
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“Sport” indicates the high performance of this Superyachts equipped with two diesel engines which will give a top speed of 23 knots, with the ability to easily cruise at 18-20 knots.

“Hybrid” is because of her Green attitude. She is able to offer a completely new way of yachting, more conscious and respectful in caring of the environment.

Powered with an advanced hybrid propulsion, she combines high performances, with a maximum speed of 23 knots, with reduced environmental impact. Interiors are versatile, featuring large windows and ecofriendly materials. She sleeps ten guests in five staterooms with the owner’s suite and study on the main deck, and she accommodates seven crew members. With ample deck space, various sunning and dining arrangements and zero speed stabilizers, the unique 40m superyacht Columbus Sport Hybrid is RINA classed, LY2, Green Plus (Y), Hybrid Propulsion (Y) and AUT CCS (Y) compliant.

The Hybrid system consists of two electric motors, connected on the gear box through a PTI and a pre reduction gear box. In fact, with the hybrid propulsion mode, it is possible to turn off the main propulsion engines and run just on the electric motors running on fixed RPM of the diesel generator reducing fuel consumption and toxic emissions. The available power is 120kW with a top speed of 8 knots abt. The hybrid system will allow the yacht to cruise in extremely quiet and vibration-free conditions.

In shaft generator mode, the same electric motor will be moved by the Prime movers, giving electric power up to 120kW. This will allow, during diesel navigation to run with diesel generators turned off, saving fuel consumption and reducing dangerous emissions.

Columbus Yachts is very proud that Columbus Sport Hybrid 40M yacht is the first Motor Yacht to be RINA classified with the additional class notation “Hybrid Propulsion (Y)” along with “Green Star Plus Platinum” and AUT CCS (Y), the latest being another innovation studied with RINA to fulfill the need of having unmanned machinery spaces, even not having a control room inside the machinery spaces.

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