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Product: Composite Mouldings recycles waste into pram dingies

July 16, 2010 by Juliette Kerr
Composite Mouldings recycles waste into pram dingies

Composite Mouldings Ltd (CML) based in Southampton, UK, has found a sustainable solution for using up excess materials, left over from their manufacturing process. They have started manufacturing a pram dinghy made up entirely of surplus materials. By creating a product, from the otherwise redundant stock, they are preventing the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

“We are constantly reviewing and improving the way we work” says Tommi Buckley, Project Manager for CML “You have to allow a certain amount of material for wastage in production, and we have tried to improve this through lean manufacturing processes, by storing any surplus materials and reintroducing it to the production process later on other projects. But with so many bespoke projects, we struggled to find a suitable use for the surplus materials.”

Tommi Buckley continues “We needed to find something where colour or structure was not critical and were able to utilise tooling for a two metre pram dinghy which is now made entirely of surplus material.”

They say this exercise will help cover the value of the materials, reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill and sustain prices for customers.

Composite Mouldings Ltd specialise in manufacturing high quality production runs of GRP and FRP mouldings, mainly for the marine market. The company is located in Marchwood, Southampton and operate a 15,000 sq ft, Lloyds Register approved, climate controlled facility.

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