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February 25, 2010 by yachtlover
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Couach Yachts specialises in exceptional made-to-measure superyachts built entirely in Glass Kevlar that range from 20 to 50 metres in length.
Initially experts in constructing marine engines, Couach began its career designing yachts in 1946.
What followed was a successful fleet of pleasure yachts up to 16 metres in length. In 1998 Couach Yachts decided to spread production into the world of larger, tailor-made super yachts.

The historic French shipyard changed its name to Chantier Naval Couach (CNC) after its take over by an entrepreneur in 2009 which saw the yard reinforce its creation of “Yacht Couture”.
This signature “Couture” offers client’s an extraordinary design and optimal performance with a array of options available for decoration and fittings.

Super yachts within Chantier Naval Couach’s current portfolio.

2008 Dragon  36.80m (120.73ft)Motor Yacht
2008 Kadimo’s 36.80m (120.73ft)Motor Yacht
2007 Parenthesis  36.80m (120.73ft)Motor Yacht
2008 Tosca  36.80m (120.73ft)Motor Yacht
2008 Sheleila  36.70m (120.41ft)Motor Yacht
2002 Lady Emma  35m (114.83ft)Motor Yacht
2007 Tethys  35m (114.83ft)Motor Yacht
2006 Water Toy III  35m (114.83ft)Motor Yacht
2008 Liselott  34.80m (114.17ft)Motor Yacht
2000 Cartouche 30.95m (101.54ft)Motor Yacht

1999 Hummingbird  30.40m (99.74ft)Motor Yacht

2007 Paradise of Valletta 30.40m (99.74ft)Motor Yacht
2007 Yialousa  28.7m (94.16ft)Motor Yacht

2001 Bjorg II   28m (91.86ft)Motor Yacht


Chantier Naval Couach

Rue de l’Yser
Tel: +33 556 22 35 50
Fax: +33 556 66 0820
Email: info@couach.com
www: http://www.couach.com

photos by Couach Yachts (CNC) Chantier Naval Couach

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