News: CRN mega yacht CHOPI CHOPI co-protagonist of Fiat’s international advertising campaign

June 27, 2014 by lucy
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The flagship of the shipyard, motor yacht Chopi Chopi is displayed in all her majesty in the “Yacht” commercial, created by the Leo Burnett agency and directed by Ago Panini (Alto Verbano production), an ironic look at the juxtraposition between simplicity and luxury.

The commercial sees two important international icons of ‘Made in Italy’, Fiat 500 and CRN mega yacht Chopi Chopi, brought together for the first time in an elegant and irreverent video, which aims to surprise the audience from start to finish.

Having previously won prestigious international awards at the Showboats Design Awards 2014, the World Superyachts Awards 2014 and the Boat of the Year 2013, this is the latest recognition for luxury yacht Chopi Chopi, representing the synthesis and evolution of the characteristic traits and the spirit and innovation of the vessels created by CRN, which is an undisputed icon of luxury and style.

The advertising campaign is on air in Europe (starting from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Serbia) in support of the launch of the new Fiat 500 Cult into the European market.

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