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March 5, 2010 by Oceanskipper1
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Currently Looking For Work: Yes
DOB: 09 November, 1990
Position: Deck Hand
Experience: 1 seasons
Languages: English
Yachts worked on: Skooner, catamaran

Dear Sir/M’am

I am applying for a position as a 1st mate or any other. I am currently based in Cape Town and willing to relocate.

I am a 19 year old male from South Africa and have a great passion for sailing and the work it has to offer.

I have successfully completed courses up to RYA Day skippers offshore(tidal) and have experience with diesel engine electrics and maintainance.

I have certificates in the following:

RYA Coastal skippers offshore
RYA Day skippers offshore(tidal) practical and theory,
RYA Diesel engine maintance
VHF Radio
Yacht hand
Power boat level 2
Super yacht maintainance

I am healthy, honest, hard working and am a fast learner. I have a great business mind and would like to contribute. I am versatile and willing to help out where needed.

I have vast experience as a deckhand and am well motivated, with loads of energy.

I have 8560NM and have done a few deliveries from which I have gained a lot. I am currently on a delivery to Belize and will be arriving around the end of May. I will have completed my Coastal skippers ticket by the end of this delivery.

I wish to apply for any position relevant to my qualifications. I have attached my CV. If any other documents are required please contact me.

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    March 3, 2010 by Oceanskipper1