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News: Cyrus Yachts 34m – Latest Generation Retro Styled Motor Yacht

June 21, 2009 by Yacht News
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Cyrus Yachts have created the latest generation retro styled motor yacht reflects the exotic excellence of state-of-the-art engineering and exquisite designs. The Cyrus 34 is one of those innovative semi-custom series superyachts that have made its appearance recently. The luxury yacht not only represents the best in the category.

Supervision and management of the yacht building was taken care of by famous Vitters Shipyards from Netherlands.

“Experienced and precise Dutch engineering and Naval Architecture by Peter van Oossanen; brilliant styling/design by René van der Velden and built by talented craftspeople who for centuries have understood the real meaning of quality shipbuilding”, said one of the top officials of Vitters.

The boutique shipyard was founded in the year 2004. In the same year it won one of the major industrial awards. Side by side it was also nominated for four other awards with the launching of their first vessel, the Cyrus. It was a 33 meter long vessel and was named as the Angel of Joy. Superb combination of exotic interior with marvelously designed exterior was the main reason for such success by the shipyard.

The new vessel is an improvement over the earlier Cyrus 33.

“The 34m has several unique attributes including one of the most advanced composite materials for the hull and superstructure, plus zero-speed stabilizers, and the unique use of “magic glass” or privacy glass in the owner’s office. There is a dark tempered glass cover in the wheel house and dome cover on the flybridge”, said Velden, one of the designers of the super yacht.

One of the uniqueness of Cyrus yachts is that it offers series of yachts with length ranging from 30 meters to 42 meters and all of them are semi-custom in nature. With the technical excellence and exotic design, the Company authorities expect that the 34 meter vessel will attract visitors quite efficiently.

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