News: Delivery of newly refitted KEYLA Yacht announced by RMK Marine

June 26, 2013 by black
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Outside a new outstanding dining area has been created with a huge round 14-person table, plus two coffee tables that can be ingeniously transformed into dining tables for 4 people each. This means that 20 people or more can be seated for sociable dinners. To provide guests with full entertainment, a 50” TV screen was added to this social area. The boat has been designed with the well-being of the owner and his guests in mind.

RMK Marine and Hot Lab modified the layout of the Sun deck, creating new areas and offering a visually exciting journey on this deck. A day toilet and a small technical area have been added by using previously unused facilities. The bar faces the bow, while the stern area can be enjoyed in different ways: as a lounging and sunbathing area during the day and as a comfortable dining at night. The area is equipped with a table for eight people for informal lunches, with a bimini-top cover over the whole area from the lounge bar to the jacuzzi in the forward. This deck has also been modernised with all-teak flooring. The sunbathing area has been enlarged so that after the refit has a total area of 18 m2.

All the exteriors on all the decks have been refitted with contemporary furniture with rounded corners and varnished in ice white, with inserts in unfinished “open pore” teak that has been specially treated to make it highly resistant to liquids. Custom built tables have been added on all decks.

Special attention was paid to the lighting system, which now features indirect LED lights throughout the yacht. Having new LED technology was one of the Owner’s specific requests, even before any other material and surface elements were decided on. Blue rosewood with gold veins was chosen for the Owner’s cabin, while SilverWave was used to embellish the main deck, lobby area and upper deck – due its characteristic “fossil tree trunk” veins, echoing one of the passions of the Owner’s family.

The new interior decoration features a refined “underwater” theme developed thanks to the collaboration with the leading company Foglizzo. Laser designed jellyfishes gently decorate nabuck leather surfaces on the main and upper deck. The owner, who was very pro-active in developing the interior design, expressly asked for simple shapes that would be safe for children – “minimal” (but not minimalist!) – with rounded corners and a contemporary twist.

The materials and colours of the interiors reflect the style of the exteriors with the extensive use of various shades of white and different types of wood: white-treated Tanganyika frisé and natural mirror-varnished Makassar (open pore only for the ceilings). The owner asked for six different kinds of white for the marbles, white smooth natural leather, kinds of mother-of-pearl for the bathroom decor and “natural silver leaf”.

Hot Lab and RMK Marine – as for audio/video system – worked completely to modernise the domotic controls, in each cabin. Keyla features state of the art Crestron Systems with remote Ipads control, throughout the boat. Ipads enables to control- in addition to the entertainment – also curtains, window blinds and lights.

Keyla yacht’s hull color has been changed, and now she boasts an elegant Awlgrip Kingston Grey colour, which help recognize her at first glance.

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